Friday 2.26.10

Remember proper stance, grip, jump and shrug, elbows high and outside, and your cleans will look just like this!

The Compound Total

Take 3 attempts at a 1RM in the following lifts:
-Back Squat
-Shoulder Press
-Dead Lift

WOD Tips:
First thing in the morning before you eat or drink, but after you've "eliminated" weigh yourself. You will need to know your exact body weight. If you don't have access to a scale, there is one at The Compound.

In the four lifts, you can take as many warm up sets as you need, but once you are warmed up you will have three attempts to hit a 1RM. The lifts must be completed in the above order, and must be completed during the session (you can't do the first two in the morning and the second two later that afternoon). You will need to employ some strategy here. For the first attempt, go for something heavy but that you know you can lift. If you get that weight, go for a new PR weight on the second rep. This should be only a small jump from your previous PR. If you get that rep, go for broke on the third attempt. If you didn't get it, drop the weight lower, but higher than your first attempt. The max weight of your three attempts will be your score in that lift.

Take the max of all four of your lifts, add them up, and divide by your body weight that you weighed in at in the morning. That number will be your Compound Total Score.

Record your individual maxes on each lift, your total, and your Compound Score! bc


  1. Clean: 105
    Squat: 165
    Press: 75
    Deadlift: 185
    Total: 530
    Score: 4.61

    Soooo much fun! See...Bill, you are .15 stronger than me!

  2. Clean: 135 Really need to work on form
    Squat: 235 felt realy strong
    Press: 120 need to work on thhis
    Deadlift: 250 Sweet

    Total: 740
    Score: 3.85

  3. Total on Monday, so my own workout today to decompress from the weight work.

    30 Muscle Ups: 9:55.

    All straight arm start and only missed 6 this time.

  4. Clean: 185
    Squat: 335 (PR)
    Press: 145
    Deadlift: 335
    Total: 1000
    Score: 4.76 (body weight 210)

    Ya, I barley beat you was all the positive thoughts

  5. Clean: 290- PR! (missed at 300)
    Squat: 425
    Press: 205 (my weakness)
    Dead Lift: 510- PR! (missed at 520)
    Total: 1430
    Bodyweight: 237
    Score: 6.03. Goal was 6.0 so I'm satisfied!

  6. Clean: 105
    Squat: 185
    Press: 65
    Deadlift: 180
    Total: 535
    Score: 3.57

  7. Total lbs = 975
    Body Weight = 205
    Score = 4.76 (with a generous round up - thanks Craig!) Maybe when i actually scrap up my shins I'll bust the red socks out again!

  8. Can't remember the specifics but score = 4.38
    Still need to work on form.

  9. clean: 85
    Squat: 145
    Press: 65
    Dead: 175
    total: 470
    Score: 2.54

  10. Clean: 200
    Back Squat: 305
    Press: 155
    Dead: 335
    total: 995
    Score: 3.70
    Thanks Erica and Nicole for your help!

  11. Hang clean: 65
    Squat: 145
    Press: 55
    Deadlift: 215
    Total: 480
    Score: 3.01

    On my third day!!!

  12. Hang clean: 85
    Squat: 235
    Press: 115
    Deadlift: 275
    Total: 710
    Score: 3.55

    day 3 What???

  13. Dani, not bad for just getting started!!! You will see even more improvements now. I thought the morning classes did great today. How about the evenings?

    Barbell lifts can be daunting when you haven't done them a lot, but they are fun. And as Mark Rippetoe said, "Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and are more useful in general."

  14. Clean: 185
    Squat: 325
    Press: 145
    Deadlift: 315
    Total: 970
    Score: 4.62

  15. Clean: 145
    Squat: 235
    Press: 115
    Deadlift: 355
    Total: 850
    Score: 3.81

  16. Clean, 125 - Almost had 145!
    Squat, 200
    Press, 95
    Dead lift, 235
    Total, 655

    Final Score: 4.52

  17. Clean, 155
    Squat, 185 (Second time ever doing this...STOKED!!)
    Press, 110
    Dead Lift, 275 (PR)
    Body Weight 163 Score 4.45 That was amazing to do, GREAT job Kenny and Jerry. The Compound is on it!

  18. Clean 145
    Squat 145* - TEMPORARILY limited by flexibility
    Press 110
    Dead Lift 305 PR

    Score 3.39

    Homework - Pass throughs

    Felt pumped up today.

  19. Clean: 135
    Squat: 200
    Press: 115
    Deadlift: 235
    Body weight 205
    Total: 3.34

  20. Clean 125
    Squat 195
    Press 115
    Deadlift 235

    Body Wt 153
    Total 4.38