Friday 03.19.10

Dave performing sumo deadlift high pulls at one of The Compound's secret satellite locations.

Sorry for yet another late post guys.

SWOD: Handstand push ups 3 x max reps. Alternate with chin up practice in between sets.

Metcon: Thruster Ladder. With a continuously running clock, do one thruster the first minute, two thrusters the second minute, three thrusters the third minute....continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets as needed within each minute.

Use 50% of your 1 rep thruster max. If you do not know your max then use 95 for men and 65 for women. Scale as necessary but push yourself on the weight.

Post your reps and minutes successfully completed to the comments section! cc


  1. Practiced Hand Stand Push ups
    Metcon: 65 pounds x 2, 55 x 4 (PR!)
    I told Kyle I couldn't do it, and he said I could, and whaddya know...I could!!

  2. Anthony M

    Working on that muscle up. Hopefully soon:P Went 8 rounds at 95lbs. Thought I was only going to get 5.

  3. Handstand pushups

    metcon: thrusters 45x6

    I wont get discouraged

  4. 3 handstand pushups for time


  5. SWOD- practice modified handstand pushups (10)x2

    WOD- Thruster Lander - 55 lbs x 5 rounds

    I will conquer my fear of handstands!

  6. SWOD = handstand pushups-3rds-Max of 3
    WOD = Thruster Ladder - 95 lbs @12 (+10)

  7. WOD=thruster ladder- 65x5 + 3

  8. SWOD HStand PushUps 1x7,1x12,1x9
    WOD 95Lbs x 8(+2)

  9. So nice out we opted to go take on the tower! See ya'll on Monday for CF!

  10. I decided since I didn't wakeup i time to workout I would walk my dog to the Radar tower on top of Pena Adobe park. mIt was a good hamstring and quad workout

  11. swod pike push ups 4,4,5
    metcon 55lbs@ 6

  12. swod: pike pushups 3-5-8
    met con 35 lbs x10

  13. Swod: pike pushups 5-5-4
    met con 35 lbs x 8

  14. SWOD 5:50
    7 set of 7, wall balls, pushup, & body rows...

  15. SWOD: held handstands 3x at 25 sec.
    Metcon: Thrusters at rx'd - 5 rounds + 5 in round 6

  16. SWOD handstand: 15,24,18 sec
    WOD Thruster 5+5 in rnd6 x65

  17. Swod; hspu's 3,3,4

    Wod:95 lb. Thusters 7 rounds (+7} Not sure about the rest of you but thats some hard !@#$.