Monday 3.15.10

Notice how high the elbows are on her front squat. The bar is across her shoulders and her hands are barely on the bar.

Front Squat 5rm

AMRAP in 20:00 of:
-20 KB Swings
-20 Abmat Sit Ups
-400m Run

WOD Tips:
We last did front squats on 2.05.10 for a 3rm. Use that weight as a guide for today.

For the metcon, pick a challenging KB weight and stick with it, even if you have to break up the swings into smaller sets. Work through as many rounds as you can in 20:00.

Post weights and rounds completed to the comments section! bc


  1. Since there is a run, I guess we should all get ready for the rain! :)

  2. Nope! I checked the weather this time!

  3. AMRAP = As many rounds as possible? Yes?! :)

  4. Rachel: 85- 4 rounds+20 swings&abs

  5. SWOD: 145 another new PR

    AMRAP: 4 Rounds + 20 KB swings,+ 20 sit-ups, + 2/3's of the run.. Increased to 44 Lb KB...

    Welcome back Bill

  6. Front Squat, 45 (technique)
    METCN AMRAP 20:00

    20 KB Swings 45#
    20 Abmat Situps
    500 Metter Row

    4 cycles plus 300 meters

    New guy named "BILL" showed today... Welcome Back!!

  7. SWOD: 95 x 5 (PR!) 25 pounds over the last time I did this. Now that is progress.

    METCON: 4 rounds + 20 sit ups and kettle bells
    35lb kettle bell was quite a challeng for me.

  8. SWOD: 115 x 5

    MetCon: 5 rounds + 20 KB + 20 sit ups

    Brad, just because you went to the endurance cert doesn't mean we need to run every day! :)

  9. Front Squat 65X5 rm

    Metcon: 5 rds 26lb kettle bell

  10. SWOD: 115x5
    MetCon: 5Rds+20sit ups

  11. SWOD: 225x5
    Metcon: 6 rds +20 swings(62#)/20 sit ups

  12. would have loved to be there this morning but you killed my arms Saturday! When will I stop being so sore after a workout?? I can still barely move my arms......

  13. would have loved to have made it this am, but my arms (and ribs) are still killing me from Saturday! I wouldn't have been able to swing a kettlebell.....When will I be able to do a workout without getting so sore?

  14. Answer to Kelly's ?---Never
    Front Squat: 155x5
    Metcon: 4 full rounds and 10 kb swings (44lb)
    500 meter row instead of run
    Dang chest cold!

  15. Two Noticeably absent posts (Brad and Craig) Must be rest days

  16. SWOD: Front Squat 165 (still resting knee)
    Metcon: 5 rnds

  17. Front Squat 95 X 5, 105 X 4
    Metcon: 5 rounds plus 15 KB First time back running after pulling quad.

  18. I would have loved to do it, but I've been spending every waking moment working at my new house getting ready to move on Saturday. I will try and do the WOD tomorrow! Everyone is making some serious progress!

  19. Front Squat 45,65,75,95,125 x5

    MetCon: 5 rounds +12 kb. swings (53 lb.)
    Im hungry!

  20. No front squats for me. I am way out of town with no gym in site. However, I did kill 5 rounds in 20 min of 20 R/L Lunges,20 Jump Squats and a 400m run!

    Lovin' the BURN!

  21. Front Squat 45,95,105,115
    MetCon 4 rnds