Monday 3.29.10

The Saturday morning crew hitting the Wall Balls! Let's do some more!

From the CrossFit Journal....

"...As an example of high functionality and marked
carryover of cardio-respiratory benefit to sport and
human performance in general, we offer our “Wall Ball”
exercise. This exercise is largely a front squat and
push-press combination. The functionality of throwing
or shooting an object from overhead and standing up is
hopefully obvious..."

"...The movement begins as a front squat and follows
through to a push press/shove that sends the ball up and
forward to the target from which it rebounds back to
the throwers outstretched arms where it is “absorbed”
back into the squat. In its entirety the Wall Ball is quite
simply a throw. When perfected, each shot looks identical to the one
before, and the ball’s contact and departure are gentle
and smooth. If the athlete endeavors to quiet the drill,
the benefit to mechanics and breathing technique are

Read the full article here.

Snatch-Grip Dead Lift 5rm

150 Wallball Shots for time.

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, this is just as it sounds: Set up like you're going to snatch the weight, but only dead lift it. Push yourself on this lift and it will act as a good assistance lift for the snatch. Use the hook grip to practice that as well. Be sure to fully open the hips at the top of the movement and pull your shoulders back like on the regular dead lift.

For the metcon, to do it as rx'd, use a 20 lbs ball. Men will use the 10 ft. target, and women will use the 8 ft. target.

Post weights and time to the comments section. bc


  1. 35,55,75,95,115,125,135 10:28

  2. snatch grip deadlift 35,55,75,75
    150 wall balls 11:53

    And I see Bill..........

  3. snatch grip deadlift 115 x 5

    150 wall balls 14 lb. 8 ft target 11:23

    Bill finally came.....
    Where's Danyel?

  4. Snztch Grip Deadlift 5 RM - 205#

    150 Wallball Shots: 9:01 XZ 10#

    Bills here, Where is Danyel??

    Wheres Fathia??

  5. Snatch grip deadlift: 225 RM

    150 WallBalls: 20lB BALL 13:23

    Danyel where were you....

    Rachael, Chanda and Kelly way to represent the morning crew. Good push

  6. Snatch grip deadlift: 225 x 5RM

    150 wall balls: 20 lb ball 15:28

  7. SWOD: snatch deadlift 225x5

    Metcon: dips for time, 61 in 12:16

  8. Tried SWAT Circuit so i could finish my goals. scored 336. Somehow i have to find 64 reps by Wednesday.

    Great job this am, although i didnt seem to see the others either. Elizabeth? Danyel? Fathia? Kyle?

  9. Hey everyone, I want to thank all of you guys for the messages regarding the sectionals over the weekend. There was somewhere around 300 male competitors and 100 females,so it was safe to say there were far more participants than expected and it overwhelmed those setting up the games. The couplet of 800m run/OHS w 115# was grueling for 6 minutes especially when the overhead squats are not your strong suit. The thruster/swing/chest to bar pull ups was a true lung burner. As the day ended no one knew what sunday had in store and who actually made it to the next day. Around 11 pm they still hadn't posted who was going to be competing and at what the times were. Around that time I decided to head out on sunday instead of waiting around, I had a family party to go to anyway at 1 pm:)

  10. SWOD 205(215x2)
    MetCon 15:41

  11. SWOD: Snatch Grip Dead lifts up to 315 x 5. I could have maybe gone 10-20 lbs higher but I can't drop the metal plates on the gym floor at the police department so I didn't want to risk it.

    Metcon: I had neither a medicine ball, nor a 10 ft ceiling today. The official CF substitution for Wall Ball is thrusters with a 45 lbs bar. I, however, prefer to use a 45 lbs dumbbell held sideways by the ends. This way I can position it like a medicine ball. I did this for 9:17. My shoulders were burning!

  12. Elizabeth and Danyel probably had their fill of Wall Ball on Saturday.

  13. Snatch Deadlift: 235 5rm.
    150 reps Wall Balls(20lb): 12:42. Going to Toronto for a few months...I will represent "The Compound" @ "Fire Power Crossfit". Be safe everyone.

  14. Hey now! Do you guys think I would miss starting out my week at the Compound? Heck no! Came in later for a little hubby wifey workout, Team Conolley was in the house at 9:30:

    Snatch Deadlift: 135 x 5, 155 x 3
    Wall Balls: 14:28 (14 lb ball)

    As Brad said above I have had my fill of wall balls. 300 in 3 days is ENOUGH ALREADY. See you guys on Wednesday morn 5:00 sharp.

  15. Snatch Deadlift 165x5
    Metcon: 9:54 (14lbs 8ft)

  16. snatch deadlift: 225x5
    metcon: 7:07

  17. snatch deadlift: 165x5
    metcon: karen-10:17

  18. Snatch Deadlift 185x5
    MetCon 16:34 20lb

  19. SWOD: 45,95,115,135,155,185x5(205x2)
    MetCon: 9:40 Who was/is Karen?

    Welcome newbie's..go like hell:)

  20. SWOD 225 X 5
    METCON 16:24

  21. wide grip dead lifts: 185x5
    metcon: ~9 min, but I think I miscounted after the wall ball hit me in the face nine times. I'll give myself credit for 1/2 Karen...