Sunday 03.28.10

Peter continues his quest to make it to the top 20 males in the Northern California Sectionals of the CrossFit Games and go on to Regionals. You can see his ranking and the events he completed if you follow this link:

Here are the workouts he completed Saturday, with only a few hours of rest in between:

Workout A
Against a 6-minute running clock:
Run 800m
Max rep overhead squats (115/75lbs)

Scored by total number of overhead squats.

Workout B
Max rounds plus reps in 10 minutes of:
7 Thrusters (115/75lbs)
12 Kettlebell Swings (53/35lbs)
7 Pull-ups

Today, he will be doing the following workouts:

Workout C1
In 6 minutes, work up to a max squat clean to overhead.

* The bar must start on the ground, you must pass through a squat, and then send the bar overhead in any manner you choose.
* You'll be able to designate your opening weight before the workout begins, and the judge will be able to help you load and unload weights. In addition, you'll have plenty of time to warm-up prior to the beginning of your heat.

Workout C2
At the immediate conclusion of Workout C1, perform the following for time:
Sprint 50m
25 Burpees
100-yard Walking Lunge
Then 5 Rounds of:
- 15 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overhead (40/25lbs)
- 100-yard Dumbbell Farmers Walk (40/25lbs)
Then 25 Burpees
Row 500m
Run 450 yards

Each workout will be scored separately; workout C1 will be scored by max load, while workout C2 will be scored by time. There will be a 35-minute cap on workouts C1 and C2 combined, meaning you have to get through workout C2 in 29 minutes.

Good luck Pete and make The Compound proud! cc


  1. Peter..KILL IT BRO' we are so proud of your efforts.

    First quarter goals were met. 28 straight kipping pullups (goal 21)
    Ran a 10k in under an hour.

    Thanks for the motivation Compound Crew!

  2. Good Job Doug!!! I got one goal to complete and will attempt it Monday. If i fail Monday, then it will be a Wednesday attempt. Got to stop procrastinating...