Sunday 3.07.10

Danyel and Jerry crab walkin' during Saturday's WOD. You gotta love those animal movements!

Rest Day. You guys definitely earned it this week. Great job everyone!

Many of our members have outside fitness interests besides CrossFit. We have triathletes, runners, wrestlers, just to name a few. If you are one of these athletes preparing for a race, or just training because you like it, get with a coach and find out how to optimize the training for your event with CrossFit.

Many of us, however, are fitness enthusiasts and "weekend warriors" coming from many different backgrounds. The tendency for these people is to do "more." If you are CrossFitting 5 or 6 times per week, and going to the gym to do extra weight lifting, you are setting yourself up for failure. In this area, more is definitely NOT better.

CrossFit training at The Compound is a complete program. Throughout the training week you will train functional movements in such a way, that all your major and minor muscle groups will be trained. You will also train each of your different energy pathways as well. You need your rest time to recover from the intense training we are doing.

There is a way to plan for extra training for sport-specific needs. But simply doing more for the sake of doing more will set you up for over training, injury, and the inability to work toward and achieve your goals. Get with a coach if you have some needs outside of general CrossFit and we will help you set up a plan for success!

Have a great weekend everyone! bc


  1. There's the paparazzi sneaking a pic of Danyel again!

  2. Looks like it was a fun workout. I'm sure i'll hear about the photos next week, how someone wasnt ready to be photographed....

    I agree with this post. When I first started CrossFit I tried to integrate it into my old weightlifting routine with my days of doing chest/ tri's on Monday, Legs on Wednesday, etc. It wasn't till i started practicing CrossFit solely as my fitness program that I really started to see the full potential of it.

  3. Actually I approve of this picture it is kind of cool, AND it doesn't show my face.

    This was a fun workout..see you Monday Craig!