Saturday 3.06.10

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-Snatch practice. Go light, work on technique, pull yourself under the bar and receive it in a full squat. This is a skill that must be practiced to get down!


AMRAP in 20:00 of:

-Bear Crawl 50 ft

-10 Wall Ball Shots

-10 Pull Ups

-Crab Walk 50 ft

WOD Tips:

For the SWOD, just work on technique, speed, and pulling yourself under the bar into a full squat position.

For the metcon, click on the names of the bear crawl and crab walk for video descriptions of each movement. Work the the circuit as many times as possible in 20:00.

Post your times to the comments section! bc


  1. SWOD: Practiced the snatch

    WOD: Completed 7 rounds - that was a tough one and now I..can'! Bear crawls were brutal.

  2. Fun WOD today. While I was doing the Bear Crawl, Danyel passed me up doing the Crab Crawl...she's fast!

    Completed 4 rounds, almost 5 but not quite.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone! Nice to meet you Larry.

  3. SWOD = Snatch practice

    MetCon = 6 or 7 Rounds, i was to busy trying to catch my breath to look at the board. I am glad my wife kicked me out of the house this morning because that was fun!