Thursday 3.04.10

This picture has nothing to do with double unders, but it IS awesome!

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Dead Lift 5rm. Compare to 2.15.10.

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
-Double Unders
-Abmat Sit Ups
-Plate Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, check your 5rm from the last time and plan to beat it by 5 or 10 lbs.

For the metcon, sub tuck jumps if you need to, but continue to work on those double unders in your warm ups! Abmat sit ups are old hat around here, no explanation needed. For the walking lunges, grab a weight plate (45 lbs for men, 25 lbs for women) hold it overhead, and go. You will do 21 steps each leg (42 total), then 18 steps each leg (36 total), and so on and so forth.

Post your weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. practice deadlift 55/65. metcon 18:03

  2. Deadlift 415 x 5
    Metcon: 14:40

  3. deadlift 205 1# icrease
    metcomm 15:39

  4. Deadlift: 145 (My legs were smoked after the sprints

    Metcon: 23:19 I got 9 double unders in a row on the first set. Then they were one double under at a time. For whatever reason today kicked my butt. From sunny FHL with snow covered mountains

  5. Deadlift: 145 (Yay!)

    Metcon: 16:00 substituted double unders with tuck jumps 15# weight for walking lunges.

    Good day today. Love these workouts, great job to whoever puts them together.

  6. Deadlift: 165 x 5 (PR)
    MetCon: 11:41 (didn't realize the lunges were reps each finished my metcon with 66 25# over-head walking lunges!!!!) :(

    Oh yeah, I still beat Craig! (and catching him on the dealift, hahahhaha!!!)

  7. Dead: 145X5, 165X1
    MetCon: 16:55 as rx'd
    That was fuuun!

  8. Jenn said...Thanks!!
    and dead: 145x5

  9. SWOD: Deadlift up to 435 x 5 (PR!)
    Metcon: 13:50 as rx'd

  10. SWOD 225 X 5 (PR)
    Metcon: 16:41 (Tuck Jumps)
    I will learn to jump rope one day...

  11. SWOD 135x5 (PR)
    Metcon: 18:55 (Tuck Jumps)

  12. SWOD 135x5
    METCON 17:15 (Tuck jump/25lbs)

  13. SWOD: 45-255 in 15# increments x5 / 275x2 (pr)

    MetCon: 12:15 only to find out that I half stepped the lunges w/45 lb' to attempt to even the score, 84 / 45 lb. lunges without setting the weight to the ground. add 4:20..YIKES!

  14. SWOD: 45 to 235 lbs. x 5, it felt good.

    Metcon: Blue a gasket or something in my right inner upper leggy thingy. I'll have to look up the anatomy term later. Lunges await me another day.

    This is a long hall program, little blips happen from time to time, right?

  15. Jerry, I know what inner upper leggy thingy you are talking about....I did the same thing to mine! What's up? I think it was from doing squats! Been bothering me since Tuesday....

  16. SWOD: 135 X5 (I think)
    Metcon 17:47 (box jumps/abmat/walking lunges w/o weight)

  17. Kelly - The sting of the strain presented itself during the first round of lunges. Not wanting to advance the minor injury to something serious, I ended the fire mission. Kyle, also on the bench assisted me with some leg stretching over on the mats. Thanks Kyle.

    I'll be back at it on Saturday. Stretching at home today with my daily 20 x 3 pass throughs throughout the day.

  18. SWOD: pracitce snatch all technique

    WOD: AMRAP in 20 min. bear crawl 30ft., 10 wall ball 10ft., 10 pullups, crab walk 30 ft.
    REP: 9
    wow that was fun

  19. MetCon:
    9 rounds + Bear crawl, 10 wall balls, and 10 pull ups

    Just short crab walks for my last round! :(

  20. Give yourself some credit, Larry. You went 50 ft for the bear crawls and crab walks!