Tuesday 3.02.10

The finishing position of an overhead press. Notice how her ears are past her arms as she puts her head through the "hole".

As a reminder, the 9am class will be moved to 9:30 am every day but Saturday. Saturday will remain at 9am.

Shoulder Press 5rm. Compare weights to 2.02.10 and try to beat it by at least 5 lbs!
Practice Pull Ups in between sets. If you can do pull ups easily, do weighted pull ups. If you can get a few pull ups, work on max sets of pull ups. If you can't yet do pull ups, work on the most difficult pull ups progression for you.

4 sets of "The Bear" with 1:00 rest
One rep of "The Bear" is:
-1 Power Clean
-1 Front Squat
-1 Push Press
-1 Back Squat
-1 Push Press Behind the Neck

If you use 155 (men)/95 (women) do 5 reps per set.
If you use 135/80 do 6 reps per set.
If you use 95/65 do 7 reps per set.
If you use 65/50 do 8 reps per set.
If you use 45/35 do 9 reps per set.

You are not allowed to put the bar down during the set (touching the ground before each power clean is okay). The penalty is 1 burpee box jump for every unauthorized bar drop. All penalties will be assessed at the end of all four sets of The Bear, not during the rest periods.

Your time is the total time for all sets of The Bear, including rest periods and penalties.

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, this is a strict press like we did in The Compound Total. No leg drive, no knee bend. Work on the hardest version of pull ups for you in between sets of presses, with the goal being to work toward a real pull up, or to increase our strength in the weighted pull up.

For the metcon, choose the weight you can handle, understanding that the lighter the weight you choose, the more reps you will do!

Post weights, times, and number of penalties to the comments section. Let's all post our WOD times so we can build our community and motivate each other! bc


  1. Strength: Shoulder press for 5 rep max - 35, 45,55,60, 65
    Metcon: "The Bear" - 50 lbs, 8reps of
    power clean
    front squat, push press, back squat, push press from behind neck
    Four sets of the above - 13:33

  2. SWOD: 35,24,50,55x4
    METCON: "The Bear" 35 lbs 15:13

  3. SWOD: 70 x 5
    MetCon: 8:24 @ 65lbs

  4. SWOD: 115 x5
    METCON: 12:03 @ 125 lbs

  5. SWOD: 115 x 5
    WOD: 105 x 12:35
    I have the newest war injury. Behind the neck, nice road rash.

  6. SWOD: 175x5
    The Bear: 7:01 @ 155 lbs

  7. SWOD 35, 55, 60, 65, 70 x 1
    The Bear: 8:31 @ 50 no penalty

  8. SWOD: Press- 175 x 5, 190 x 3
    Weighted Pull Ups up to 45 x 5 (PR!)

    Metcon: 6:35 with 155 lbs and no penalties.

  9. SWOD: 105 x 5

    Metcon: The Bear
    9:40 @ 95 1 Penalty

  10. SWOD: 5 sets of strict pullups 4sets x5, 1 x 7...Press 100 x 5 ( 105x5 ) argh>(

    Metcon: 7:53 @ 65

    Ya'll do a job of mixing it up:)

  11. strength:45 5rm/ 50x3
    Metcon: The Bear 9:47 @ 35lbs

  12. This looks like a great workout! Sorry I missed it,is my rest day.

  13. Tuesday Night Follies were as follows:

    SWOD - Presses 5 x 45, 65, 75, 85, 95 lbs. 4 x 1ØØ lbs. That last one is still waiting for me.

    Metcon - 1 x 65 lbs, 3 x 45 lbs. Time: 11:15

    One penalty box jump Burpee for setting down the bar.

    Measured the parking lot perimeter with my handy dandy measuring wheel. It's an honest 4ØØ meters plus a few steps.

    Thanks for the help tonight Nicole and Erica. Nice to meet you Carl!

  14. SWOD 50 5rm, 55x4
    Metcon 8:08 (35lb)