Wednesday 03.31.10

It is the last day to try to get those goals taken care of for the first quarter, so try to get them done if you can. For those of you that wrote your goals down and focused on achieving them, we saw some great gains and it was fun to see you working towards something.

Even if you didn't reach your goals, improvements were evident. If you don't believe me look back at your training logs from just two or three months ago and see where you were at then.

If you didn't set goals and write them down last quarter, hopefully you have found some facet of your fitness that you want to improve.

SWOD: Back Squat 5 RM

Metcon: "SWAT Op Gone Bad"
1:00, :45, :30, and :15 consecutive rounds of:
- Pull Ups
- Push Ups
- Sit Ups

For WOD 2, keep track of total reps for all rounds and all exercises to get your total score. For example, if you do 10 pull ups the first 1:00, you would start counting your push ups at 11. Do 1:00 of each movement in this manner, followed without rest by :45 of each movement, followed by :30 of each, and finally :15 of each. This will be 10:00 total, which is a short amount of time, so the object is to go all out!

Post weight, choice of metcon and time/ reps to comments section. cc


  1. Attempted March goal of 55 x 3 shoulder press failed - got 50 x 3. Very slow progress with this lift but progress is being made.

    SWAT Op Gone Bad: 246

  2. Back squat 5 rm-95 lbs

    "Swat OP Gone Bad"- 220

    Working on Handstand to overcome fear.....

  3. 105 and roughly 200.... better luck counting next time!

  4. Back Squat 5 RM = 145#


    308 Total

    Bad A$$ Day

    Where was Bill???

  5. Back Squat 5RM: 205

    METCON: 273 Total

    The earlybird crew was out in force. Nice job gals/guys....

    Bill you and Kyle hangin out this week where are you?

  6. 85x5, 95x3,
    METCON: 165

  7. back squats: 185, 195x1!
    swat op: 285

  8. Back Squats 5RM 165
    SWAT OP 255, knee band pull ups

  9. Back Squats 185x5

    SwatOpGoneBad 332

  10. No squats today. My work gym doesn't have a squat rack.

    SWAT Op Gone Bad: 359. 41 reps shy of my goal, and 21 reps lower than last time. Oh well, I'll roll this goal over for the next 3 months.

  11. Brad thats smoken, you beat Paul by 51 reps and he's only 67 years old and completed his squats first. This sounds a lot like the Craigs story for today (Cheaters). See you guys in the afternoon.

  12. back squat: 135lbs
    Swat op gone bad: 264
    modified push-ups and jump pull ups

  13. Back Squat 105x5 rm
    Metcon: 276 (band pullups)

  14. back squat: 255x5
    Swat Op Gone Bad: 321
    jump pull ups

  15. Back Squat: 205x5
    SOGB: 337 all kips
    Caveman food....

  16. Back squat 245x3
    swat op gone bad: 259 with horrible kipping and bands

  17. Ok "Mad Bomber", yes I will admit I did not do back squats today (i got an honest excuse, really). And I may have switched the order around to help with the numbers a bit.

    Here's how i completed the circuit:
    Pull ups
    Sit ups
    Push ups

    But, I did complete my last first quarter goal with a score of 400 reps in the 10:00

  18. Back squat 125x5
    Metcon: 271 (band/jumping pull ups, modified pushups)
    Thanks Melissa for counting.

  19. Back squat 95x5, 105x2
    Metcon: 230 (coming back from three days without crossfit is brutal!)

  20. Not sure where my post went! Anyway,
    Squat 205x3 (pulled a hamstring, first time for that)
    SWAT OP 310 (not sure how that happened, would of been happy with 250 after this week)

    See you on Tuesday, heading home for the weekend!