Monday 03.05.10

In the Romanian Deadlift, the barbell is lowered by pushing the hips back. Reaching back to a well-positioned post can serve as a tactile cue for athletes learning the movement.

: Weighted Dips, 5 RM

Use bar, rings, or bench/ box with your legs elevated. If you are still working on body weight dips, then do 3 sets of max reps. Or work on holds in the "up" position for max time.

Metcon: 3 rounds for time:
Deadlift, 10 reps (advanced: 275/ 185 lbs, intermediate: 205/ 135 lbs, novice: 135/ 95 lbs)
50 Double-unders

The purpose of the deadlifts is to go heavy. There are three options for the weights, and they are labeled for advanced strength, intermediate strength, and novice strength. If it is hard to complete the reps with the weight you've chosen, think about doing it one or two reps at a time then taking a break before you just drop the weight down.

Substitute for double unders is tuck jumps. But if you want to work towards your double under goal, then cut the reps in half.

Post weight and times to comments. cc


  1. 20: 75 DOUBLE UNDERS!!!!!!!

  2. SWOD: Practiced bar dips and did some unassisted which is improvement from last time
    METCON: 135 lb / tuck jumps 11:40

    Happy to see all my morning buddies this am!

  3. Wow, today's workout was rough. Did Weighted Muscle up into ring dips, only got 10 pounds of weight up, Couldnt muscle up at 20 lbs.

    Metcon: 6:53. Double Unders killed my Deadlift strength

  4. Today is day one at reaching our goals. It was nice mine came up to set the bench mark right from the get go. Craig did a very good job of pushing me to lift more weight. I was going to do 135Lb for the deadlift because I looked at it as 10 reps without putting the weight down. Craig suggested I do 205 Lbs and look at it as 10 individual reps. Big deal if you put the weight down your lifting more working towards that goal.
    SWOD: 3 sets of 5 assisted ring dips/3 sets of 10 assisted bar dips.
    Metcon:14: and change, 205 Lb deadlifts

    The Morning crew rocked like normal. Hey maybe we need a little competition. Morning crew vs the afternooners. Total who meet their goal? closest number to meet goal? ideas welcome

  5. Still having problems with left arm, got a real surprise when I went to use a rubber-band to do a dip, left arm went to pain, knee slipped off band, got slapped in the mouth, no more of that. I am doing a whole lot better with the jump-rope, made it to 18 today, wasn't long ago I couldn't do two in a row. Now Craig suggests I try to work in a double-under, what does he think I am???

    Started out at 135#, for two rounds then Craig changed me to 185# for the last round, did 50 single-unders. 6:22.

    My new goal is Double-Unders,amount to be determined.

  6. Dave, I like the idea of teh competition. Your time on the Metcon was 14:07 because you beat Kyle by over half a minute.

    Paul, I had to move you up in weight so you didn't beat my time too badly.

  7. No CF tonight. A's home opener, 7:05pm first pitch. Frank told me he'd be there too. Back at it Tuesday 6pm.

  8. SWOD: Practiced bar dips...5 that weren't that great and 2 sets of 5 with the band
    Metcon: Nicole pushed me to do more than I wanted and I did it, yay!! 135 lb, 25 DU's 11:33

  9. warm up wall ball 3/10 20lb./jumprope/muscle up wanna' be. I hate wallball is the reason for using it as my push and squat movement.
    SWOD: BAR DIPS 5xbodyweight, add 10x5,20x5,30x5,35x5.
    MetCon:3 rounds 205x10 reps. 50 D/U per round
    May as well share it with into an old pair of Khaki's with a 32 inch waste.. and NEEDED a belt!! Super Stoked!!

  10. W/U: WALLBALL 3X10@10' 20 LB.BALL/Jumprope/ring work,muscle up dreamer.
    SWOD:5x bodyweight add10x5,20x5,30x5,35x5
    MetCon: 205x10x3, 50 d/u per round 14:48

    Might as well share with into an old pair of kahki's waste size 32 and NEEDED a belt!! Super stoked old guy!!

  11. SWOD: Neg Bar dips 5x3
    Metcon: 135x10x3 deadlift, tuck jumps 25x3

  12. Obviously Doug was so excited he shared it with us twice! Good Job Doug. All the classes were great, expecially our new voted for 7 Pm class! Glad we were able to start it and get some room for you guys in the evenings

  13. dips: 30x5, 35x1
    metcon: 135 deadlifts and 25 double unders: 8:40 -- double unders are getting much easier, I should have tried for the full 50.
    great workout, my lungs were burning at the end!

  14. Swod: bar dips, ugh!
    Metcon: 135x10x3,box jumps 50x3

  15. SWOD 3x5 Negative Bar dips
    WOD 3x10x205 and 3x25 double unders.

  16. SWOD 3x5 negative bar dips
    WOD 3x10x205 dead lift and 3x25 double unders

  17. I did this one a day late due to gym limitations at work.

    SWOD: Dips up to 60x5. I can do more with a dip belt, but holding dumbbells between your legs gets uncomfortable and difficult real fast.

    Metcon: As rx'd (275 deads) in 5:49. The dead lifts make double unders ridiculously hard!

  18. SWOD: practiced bar dips with band
    WOD: 14:?? As rx'd, intermediate (135lbs)