Grace Challenge!

First I want to say that everyone did a tremendous job Monday! Whether you were part of the challenge or not, you took on Grace and did more work in that brief amount of time than most people do all day!

It was nice to see the AM and PM groups used two different methods in their attempts. AM dropped the weight to something that wasn't too light, but they knew they could get through it quickly and take the penalties. While PM more or less tried to do the highest weight possible (over half the team completed it as RX'ed) and take the least penalties.

After all the times and penalties were added up, I took the average time to get the team scores:

AM Team: Avg. time- 7:26
PM Team: Avg. time- 10:03

AM TEAM is the Winner! Here's their price....the coveted Gold Kettlebell (ask David Adams about that 10# KB).

I must say, I saw more focus and intensity in this workout, just by adding the "challenge" to it. I think it's interesting how even if we don't think we're competitive people, or we know the "win" doesn't mean anything, competition still seems to bring out the best efforts in people.

Take a moment to watch the video and check out the effort everyone put in. Video is also a good time to critique your own form. Did you bend your arms before shrugging? Did you extend your hips fully? Where are your elbows pointing in the rack position?

Now the ball is in PM team's court. What's the challenge for June?


  1. Great Job Everyone!! Thanks to Nicole, Erica, Kyle, Craig, and Brad we couldn't have done it without you guys!!! p.s. The video is awesome :)

  2. Great fun! Can't wait for the June challenge!

  3. Love love love this video! I must say I was not a huge fan of "the challenge" but once it started I noticed I was really pushing myself beyond my comfort level, and that is really what it is all about. Besides it was kind of fun.

  4. This was fun, and what a great video!

  5. Im glad everyone enjoyed the challenge. It was a great time. I tried to get to each workout sesson to cheer everyone on but I missed a mid PM group. I think we should treat the secret of the golden KB as something only revealed after the "PM'ers" win a challenge.

    Very nice job everyone

  6. Again.. Congrats to all that participated, and to the winners of the now coveted "Golden KB". Coaches are doing a great job of showing us the way. Maybe an integrated WOD with "AM" & "PM"'s I think we would like each other..really. Some holiday when everyone is off. BBQ at my house after.Paleo+ beer. Thought's?

  7. Doug - since the last time I saw you was in the beer aisle at Safeway, I think it's only fitting for me to bring DA BEER! I really like the idea of getting everyone together.