Thursday 5.06.10

SWOD: Shoulder Press 3x5 (add 5# from last workout)

After a warm up, complete three sets of five reps at the same weight.

Metcon: Three rounds for time of:
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 15 reps (135/ 95)
Sit ups (abmat or scale up to GHD) x 20

This is short, but heavy and should be completed with maximal intensity. When performing the SDHP, first extend your hips fully, shrug your shoulders, then bend your arms. It's three distinct movements in smooth succession. Remember to keep your chest up and lumbar curve in extension when lifting the weight up and when returning it to the floor. Returning the weight with good form will not only keep you safe, but will result in more efficiency in multiple rep attempts.


  1. Swod: shoulder press 3x5 - 65 lbs
    Metcon: 3 rounds: sumo deadlift @ 70 lbs times 15 and 20 sit ups - 7:59

  2. swod: shoulder press 3x5 - 45lbs
    metcon: 3x sumo deadlift high pull 50lbs and 20situps
    good work out

  3. shoulder press 3x5= 2 rounds @ 65 + 3 more reps

    Sumo dead lift=75 x15

  4. SWOD: press 2x5 @ 65, 1x4 @ 75

    SDHP @ 85
    GHD sit-ups

    So much cooler in the morning. (speaking of temp, evening crew is cool... temp is just screaming hot, sit by the pool side, don't want to workout temp!:)

  5. SWOD: 100Lbs
    METCON: 2@95Lbs, 1 @105Lbs/Abmat, Time 9:50

    Great workout

  6. SWOD 65LBS
    METCON: 75lBS @ 9:55

  7. Had my own little workout

    3 rounds ring pull-ups

    5 rounds
    250 meter row
    20 abmat sit-ups 11:11

    Miss our little Danyel and Anthony this morning, and Dave W. from the afternoon class, he sent his son, but he slept in???

  8. SWOD: 135 x5,x4,x3. did 5 extra reps with 135 push press.

    Metcon: (RX 135 lbs) 12:08

  9. Wow. 7 comments already! good job. and Elizabeth posted her comments all by herself!

    SWOD: 175x5, x4, x3 (push press top complete sets of 5)
    Metcon: scaled to GHD S/U 4:38

  10. Morning Crew was a little light! Much props to Chanda, Elizabeth, and Stacy for the awesome effort this morning!

    My SWOD was solid with a 155# 3x5 Shoulder Press. Then Craig and I faced off for the WOD at 135# SDHP for 15 and 20 Abb Mat Sit-ups (he hit the GHD for the Sit-ups- Mucho Kudos). I killed it with a time of 4:11. Thanks Craig for the drive!

  11. SWOD: 170 x 3 sets of 5 reps
    Metcon: 4:46 with 135 lbs and Abmat Sit Ups.

  12. SWOD: 50 x 3 sets of 5 reps
    Metcon: 9:57 w/ 75lbs and abmat sit ups

    Struggled during my last set of shoulder press, but the pm crew came out in force and cheered me on to push me through it! My form struggled during the metcon because the weight was high, but I am pleased with the weight since the last time I did SDHP I used 45lbs!

  13. SWOD: w/u to 95 3x5 @ 95 (105x2)
    MetCon: 5:40 w/100 ibs. / Abmat situps

  14. Swod: 55 3x5
    Metcon: 5:58 @ 75 lbs
    Good job girls and guys. Melissa, we missed you.

  15. SWOD: 45x5, 55x5, 65x2 w/dip drive x3, 55x5
    I just read the description for today's workout and realized that I didn't follow directions...I should have aimed for 60 lbs - 5 more lbs than the last time...oops

    Metcon: 6:25 with 65 lbs and Abmat situps

  16. SWOD: 55x5, 65x3-65x2 with a dip drive, 55x5
    Metcon: with 75lbs and ab mat situps...I don't remember my time :)

  17. SWOD: 95x5x3
    Metcon 95x15x3, 20x3 abmat situps. Time: 6:55