Thursday 5.27.10

These are good stretches to do to increase your hip flexibility and allow you to get deeper in your squats. These stretches are good to do before a squat session, but don't forget to do 10-15 minutes of static stretching after the WOD to aid recovery and avoid injury.

Back Squat 5x3

AMRAP in 12:00 of:
- 5 Push Presses 135/95
- 10 KB Swings 1.5/1 pood
- 15 Double Unders

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD we are still working a linear progression for our main lifts working towards our next total. Push the weight on these if your form and depth are good!

For the metcon, clean the weight to start each round of push presses. Try and swing the rx'd KB, even if you have to break the sets into mini-sets, as long as form is good. And if you can't do double unders yet, sub 45 singles jumps or 15 tuck jumps.


  1. 105lb 3full rounds+ 5pp(70lb)+10KB(35lb)

  2. SWOD: back squats 5x3 = 70lbs
    METCON: 5 push ups
    10 kettle bell swings
    15 tuck jumps
    in 12 min = 6 rounds

  3. Great job huge morning group that we had today!

  4. SWOD: back squat 5x3= 185
    METCON: 5 ROUND = 5 PUSH PRESS + 10 KB @35LB

  5. SWOD: 5x3 @ 255 lbs box squats.

    Metcon: 5 rounds + 9 reps (135 lb push press)

  6. SWOD:
    Worked Overhead Squat up to 275x1
    Then kept going up with back squats til 405x1
    Then back to overhead squats for 250x3 for a new 3rm PR!

    10 rounds as rx'd except I scaled up to the 62lbs KB.

  7. SWOD: 115 (3 rounds), 105 (2 rounds)

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 5 push press, 10 kb, 8 du's

    Decided I need some serious work on back squats. Going to go down to 55 lbs until I can really get the depth in my squat right.

  8. Back Squat: 245 3 rep max. I dont know what I was thinking when I put 295 lbs on. Thanks for the spot BC.
    METCON: 5 rounds Rx.
    Great WOD today. AM class had a good group.

    It feels great to be "First Class"

  9. SWOD: 155 5x3

    MetCon: 6 rounds as Rx


  10. 75lbs back squats 45lbs 7 rounds 5 plus 10 plus 12 tuck jumps

  11. Swod: Back Squats@ 185 5x3
    Metcon: 6 rounds +5 pp +5 kbs @115/44

    Who thinks this up everyday..bc&cc?

  12. Gi-Jane with a twist
    100 burpee pull-ups with 3x135lb every minute on the minute
    bring it Tommy!!

  13. 245 back squat
    5 rounds:
    135 push press
    10 kb swings (53lbs)
    15 double unders

  14. SWOD 185lbs. 5x3 205 1x1

    Metcon: 5 Rds 115lb
    44lb KB (we need more 53lb KBs')

  15. SWOD: 95lbs 5x3 (I keep going in down in weight :(
    METCON: 4 rounds + 4 push press @ 75lbs, 35lb kb

  16. Box Squats (15 in): 315 x 5 x 3
    Then 135 x 10 for speed and form

    Standing Box jump: 42" (PR)
    Running box jump: 47 3/8 " (PR)

  17. SWOD 5x3x145
    3 rounds +9 dbl unders

  18. SWOD 85lbs
    Metcon: 4 rounds + 5 push press. Did all double unders AND 1 pood for the kb swings :)

    Bad day at work = Good day at CrossFit