Tuesday 5.04.10

SWOD: Ring Dips 3 x max reps. Scale up with weighted ring dips. Scale down with bench or bar dips.

Metcon: 5 rounds for time:
30 1-arm KB Swings, alternate arms (35 / 26 lbs)
25 Knees to elbows
100 m Farmer's Walks (45's/25's)

Tips: For the SWOD, do as many ring dips as possible. Get creative if you can't do them, bands, partners stabilizing the rings, ring holds, etc.

For the metcon, we had a lot of weight on us the last couple workouts, I want to allow our bodies to decompress a bit. For the KB Swings, use one arm swings above the head, and then switch every rep. Try to do so without slowing your momentum too much. Knees to Elbows is kind of trick to understand, but someone can explain it I'm sure. And the Farmers Walks are 50 m up and turn around a cone and 50 m back. Hold the weights to the side holding on to them anyway possible. It should challenge your grip especially after Knees to Elbows.

The Challenge? No results yet because not everyone has posted it to the comments section yet. But everyone did an outstanding job, most people tried a higher weight then they thought they could do. Awesome work everyone, I'm glad I got to see most every class!

Post your weights and times to comments. cc


  1. Metcon, ADA Modified
    35# KB left arm only
    25 situps
    35# farmers walk, left hand only

  2. Once again Craig modified my workout to help my elbow, Thanks Craig,

    Did one arm KB swings, 35#, then did 25 abmat sit-ups, then walked through the mall with 35# weight, well not exactly the mall, but 100 meters. 19:34

    Another great showing today, Rachael, Danyel and Christina did a great job, we did miss Chanda and Anthony, they may still be recovering form the challenge workout.

  3. SWOD: bar dips 3x6. weighted bench dips 2-45x6, 1-45x5, 5 reps, all consecutive.

    Metcon: 21:21. used 2-45lb plates for the walk

  4. Metcon was rough today, only got one set of Ring Dips for 15 reps.

    Metcon: 26:51 as Rx'd. Those "Mall Walks" with 45 # plates are rough on the grip

  5. SWOD: 3 unassisted ring dips
    Metcon: 27:42

  6. SWOD: 5 ring dips with my tippy toes on the box
    Metcon: 26:42

    The metcon was brutal, my hands are tore up along with my arms.

    I was posting for Elizabeth, so the info above is hers, not mine.

  7. SWOD 3 x 7 Ring Dips

    Metcon 28:45 as Rx'd
    Right hand grip noticeably

  8. SWOD: 3 sets of 10, 8, 5 bar dips. One set of bench dips.

    METCON: 3 rounds complete then I ran off to work.

  9. Dips:
    25 lbs x 18
    45 lbs x 8
    50 lbs x 4

  10. SWOD: Ran out of place to do dips so I did bench dips: 15, 12, 5 with a 45lb plate

    METCON: 26:11, yes dave I did all 5 rounds and stayed behind to be Craigs Cheerleader! He makes it look so easy.

  11. Swod;ring dips weighted not much..but weighted 3x5 @+10lbs.
    MetCon:29:42 who thought that one up...YIKES!

  12. Swod: ring dips
    Metcon: 30:54
    Ryan(my daughter) Metcon:15:30 18 KB, 10 dumb bell, sit ups

  13. Why do I keep hurting myself but have fun doing it? Man...I dropped a 35 lbs. iron plate during the farmers walk and bounced it off my calf. Two big juice blisters on my grip blossomed while doing K2E's. I got the KB swings right! Had fun tonight. Metcon time: 44:33 Thanks Coach Erica!

  14. SWOD: Ring holds and Ring dips w/ one knee on band: 5, 10, 9

    Metcon: 31:01
    A brutal workout...my hands/calluses hurt after the first few knees to elbows so I struggled with my grip for the entire workout :(

  15. SWOD: Ring dips with one knee in the band: 3-6-5
    Metcon: 39:00 mins

  16. Where was everyone today? Just John and I and the crickets at 5 pm...
    Ring dips: 3x4 or so - very impressed with MJ on these... Who does 18 ring dips?!
    Metcon: 3 rounds in 21:16, ran out of day care time and had to take off

  17. 6pm had a nice showing, maybe some of the 5pm group slipped in with the 6pm group.

  18. FirePower WOD: 4 rounds for time. 21:11 min
    30 back squat w/ 115 lbs.
    20 ring dips.
    My legs havent been this sore in a long time.