Monday 5.03.10

SWOD: Deadlift 3x5 (add 5 to 10 1bs from last workout)

Compare to 4.26.10

Metcon: THE CHALLENGE- (review blog on 4.18.10 for rules)
Clean and Jerk- 135/ 95 x 30 reps
Complete reps for fastest time.

Warm Down: Do 3 sets of Back Extensions

Tips: For the SWOD, make the Deadlift the staple of your warm up. Work up to doing 3 sets of 5 reps all at the same weight. The Deadlifts will be heavier than the Metcon weight so it's a good chance to get the blood flowing in the hips and legs.

For the challenge, if you can't do the weight as prescribed, pick a weight that you can do the most work for the fastest time for the least penalty possible (5 sec penalty for each pound below Rx'd weight. There is no reward for going above the Rx'd weight). If you are signed up for the challenge, you must record the score on today's comments section or it does not count.

This doesn't mean that everyone else shouldn't post their weights and times to comments. Come on everyone, post on here and support everyone at the Compound. cc


  1. SWOD: Deadlift 3 x 5 115 lbs
    WOD: Grace 6:24 55 lbs

    Good to be back! Missed you guys....Go Morning Team!

  2. what is the website that you use for the computer timer? I would like it for those times I must work out at home.....

  3. Today was Challenge Day, started out with some dead-lift warm-ups, 185#

    Then did my 30 power cleans in 3:38 (65#) Elbow hurt, will probably pay later, but I signed up, so I showed up.

    Great job by everyone in the a.m. crew, Anthony, Kelly, Stacy, Steve (welcome back Steve), Chanda, and especially Danyel, who ran a half marathon on Saturday, and still showed up today. Of course don't forget the rest of the a.m. crew, Dave, Bill, Larry, it was just a great turnout.

  4. SWOD: 225

    Metcon challenge: 5:49 (RX 135lbs)Grace. I really wanted to break 5 minutes, the last 10 really got me, especially in the hamstrings. Fun day!

  5. Kelly, I don't know the time website off the top of my head, but I can get it for you next time we at Compound.

    Wow, still sore from Saturday Lunges!

    SWOD: 415 x 3 x 5
    Metcon: 2:23.

    I liked how both morning crews were there cheering each other on. Going to be tough for PMers to beat you guys! (Psst Allison, Dave did 105#)

  6. Well i wasn't going to come in today due to crazy allergies but I did anyway.

    Metcon: 115 Lb time: 3:32

  7. 1 Min. for 5 rounds of:
    Box Jumps
    Back Extensions
    Walking Lunges
    Total Reps 287

  8. SWOD 225lbs

    Grace 110 @ 7:12

  9. swod 65lbs
    Grace 35/45lbs 5min 13 sec

  10. dead lift 125 3x5
    metcon 55lbs x 10, 65lbs X20 6:55

  11. deadlift 125lbs 1x5
    95 2x5
    grace 65lbs 4:53

  12. SWOD: Deadlift 440 x 5 (PR!)
    Metcon: Grace as rx'd in 3:18.

    I did not strategize well here and I burnt myself out by doing 15 in the first 45 seconds. After that the last 15 were in sets of 5 and my grip and lungs were letting me know they were not pleased.

  13. SWOD - 225 lbs
    MetCon - 5:55 as Rx'd

    It was good to be back with the AM crew for the first time in a long time, I didnt want to let you guys down! If I dont drop the bar and reset my grip so much I'll knock a bunch of time off next time...hint hint to all you PM folks.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: "You Have To Clean It Before You Jerk It!"

  14. SWOD: 155 5 x 3
    Metcon - 6:29 (55 lbs)

    Came in with some sore legs to my favorite lift..deadlift! Beat my last weight by 20lbs today. The am crew was having a good time, and it was so fun to see everybody pushing themselves to do their best which is what this is all about anyway. WOW Brad, I am still trying to figure out how one would do 15 in 45 seconds? Amazing! Great to have Steve back too, with a whopping 4 hours of sleep.

  15. SWOD 135 3x5
    Metcon: 29:00 as rx'd for 17, 13 at 85 lbs.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for y'all that stayed to cheer me on! I really appreciate it :)

  16. Swod: 235x5
    Wod:Grace 120 lbs. @ 7:07

    Melissa .. nice job "country" . What's next..'gator rasslin'?

    So can we go back to "One gym..One goal" regardless of when we show up?

  17. Metcon:9:24 @ 85
    Good Job Melissa, Steffanie, Kristen and Carl. Thanks Kyle and Craig for the help.

  18. SWOD: 145x5
    Metcon: 9:00 @ 75

  19. SWOD: 145x5
    Metcon: 9:56 at 75lbs

  20. deadlifts: 195 for 3x5 --form felt much better which is why I slightly decreased the weight after the back pain I endured last week, plus I have my PT test in 9 days and I'm paranoid about getting injured! but those are all my excuses for now.
    Metcon: 95# for 5:44 - Craig was right, I should have tried 105, it was not as bad as I anticipated!

  21. Okaym I waited to see how this worked out. My legs were torn up from Saturdays event and I was sure they were not going to holdout. As such I decreased my weight to 105 and did it in 7:27. I was pissed because I did not stay with my game plan. I returned at 7pm after work and did it again. 120Lbs at 7:36
    SWOD: 225 x5 didn't want to burnout.
    METCON (1): 105 @ 7:27
    METCON (2): 120 @ 7:36