Tuesday 6.01.10

The secret to a getting your muscle ups is finally revealed. How bad do you want it?

It's June 1 today. How close are you to hitting your June 30th goals? you've got 30 days to get to work and make sure you get them. Just writing them on the board will not make them happen. So take your Muscle Up powder or whatever you need to do to achieve those fitness goals you've set for yourself!

Deadlift 5x3

AMRAP in 15:00 of:
- Max consecutive muscle ups
- Double that number with power snatches 155 or 65-70% of 1rm
- Triple your muscle up number with overhead squats with same weight
- Quadruple your muscle number with sit ups

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, beat last weeks deadlift sets by at least 5 lbs.

For the metcon, if you can do one muscle up, do the muscle up version of this workout. To do it as rx'd, do your muscle ups and say you get 3 the first set. Then go to your bar and 6 power snatches, then 9 overhead squats, and then 12 sit ups. If you only get 1 muscle up, you'd then do 2 power snatches, 3 overhead squats, and 4 sit ups. If you are doing the MU version, also do GHD sit ups full range of motion.

If you can't do muscle ups, do 3 pull ups and 3 dips each round (ring, bar, or bench dips). Then do 6 power snatches, 9 overhead squats, and 12 sit ups. Your score is the total number of muscle ups (or pull ups/dips) done during the 15:00. If you're doing the pull up/dip version, do abmat sit ups.

Post deadlift weights and number of muscle ups to the comments section! bc


  1. SWOD: Deadlift 5 x 3-120 lbs.

    WOD: 3 pullups, 3 dips
    6-Snatch 45 lbs
    9-Overhead Squat 45 lbs
    12-Abmat sit-ups

    5 rounds in 15 minutes

  2. SWOD: deadlift 300 lbs

    METcon: back was sore so did 10 min of rowing (2275 meters)

  3. SWOD: Sumo Stance: 460 x 3

    Metcon as rx'd: 11 muscles ups

    10 with full rounds of 4,1,1,1,2,and 1. 1 more m/u before time ran out.

  4. SWOD: Deadlift 165 pounds
    Metcon: 4.5 rounds in 15 minutes w/ 35 lb bar

    My metcon was kind of a joke as I was a total mess from 300 squats yesterday. Craig said it was Brad's nifty idea to put overhead squats in the WOD today, so thanks for that Collins. I was so sore I could barely get dressed for work! At least I know I put the work in...

  5. SWOD: Deadlift: 255x3, 245x3, 235x3,235x3, 235x3.... I messed that one up.

    METCON: with 95 Lbs, and I think I did 3 full rounds plus, dips,pullups, 6 whatever those were.

    Morning crew was on it today. Nice to get back at it.

  6. SWOD: Deadlift: 5X3-105 lbs!!!

    Metcon: 3 pullups, 3 ring dips
    6 Snatch 45 lbs
    9 Overhead Squats 45 lbs
    12 Sit ups

    3 rounds in 15 mins

  7. 255x1, 245x3, 235x3,235x3, 235x3

    METCON: with 55 Lbs, 5 complete rounds,
    plus 3 PU's

    Good turnout this morning, as usual Craig pushed hard, but that's the way we like it.. Go Craig!

  8. swod: 225 5x3 260x1

    Shoulder rehab day. joint mobility training with lite KB(1 pood) cleans 3x8 r & l, kb swings/two hand (russian swing) 1.5 pood 3x8
    Also close grip/elbows in, lite incline bench@45 12x3, incline dumbbell press@30 lb. 3x8
    Thanks for the tips Brad!
    threw in 275 double unders for a bit of cardio:)
    41 straight-PR!

  9. Swod: 185 3x3
    Metcon: 5 rounds
    3 pull ups (tiny box jump)
    3 bench dips
    6 snatches 45 lbs
    9 overhead squats 45 lbs

  10. SWOD: 275 LB.
    6 SNATCHES @ 95LB

  11. Danyel basically summed up how I feel...super sore from Monday's workout!
    But I'm so excited that the metcons are finally including muscle ups!

    Deadlift: 135 5x3
    Metcon: almost 5 rounds
    3 pullups, 3 ring dips
    6 snatches 45lb
    9 OH squats 45lb
    12 abmat situps