Friday 6.25.10

SWOD: Front Squat 3 RM

DWOD: Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can of:
5 Front squats @ 80-85% of 3 RM
10 Pull-ups (scale up- chest to bar. Scale down-sub. of choice)
20 Double-unders

For the strength portion, find today’s max for front squats. Also work on pushing the limits of your shoulder flexibility. Your arms should be in a position where you can point your elbows directly in front of you with the bar resting on your shoulders. When you stand, lead by pushing the elbows upward.

For the metcon, use 80-85% of the weight you used during the SWOD. If you have a decent amount of pull-ups, scale up to chest to bar pull ups. The longer range of motion (compared to just getting your chin above the bar) will add to more explosive power.

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. SWOD- 95

    MetCon- 4 rds, 75 lbs, with jumping pulll-ups

  2. SWOD: 85lb 3RM

    METCON: 3 rounds @ 65
    + 3 FS

  3. Front Squats 85#

    METCON: 12 Minutes

    5 Front Squats 65#
    10 ring Pull-ups
    40 Single Unders

    5 complete + 6 SU

    Need Dave to get back, he inspires us.

    Been a good week, Great Job Craig and Brad....

  4. SWOD: 125#

    METCON 3 + 2 FS @ 78%(97.5#)

  5. SWOD: Front Squat 3rm 85,95x1rm
    Metcon:4 rounds@65lbs+ 5 squats,10 jumping/band pull ups
    Felt soooo good to get this workout in!! Nice work 930a class. it was awesome workin out with you.

  6. SWOD: Front Squat 1RM=55lbs
    Metcon: 3 rounds of
    5 front squats at 45 lbs
    10 jumping pull ups
    80 single unders
    in 12 mins

  7. From CrossFit Football:

    "Quarter Gone Bad"

    Five rounds for total reps of:
    -135 pound Thrusters, 15 seconds
    -Rest 45 Seconds
    -50 pound Weighted pull-ups, 15 seconds
    -Rest 45 Seconds
    -Burpees, 15 seconds
    -Rest 45 Seconds

    Score is the total number of reps. I did 75.

  8. "Quarter Gone Bad"

    I did 77

  9. Front squat: 105 lbs
    Metcon: 4 rounds (85 lb front squat, jumping chest to bar pull ups)

  10. swod:145x3
    metcon:20 du's, 5 front squats w/ 2 pood kb.
    3 strict pullups
    6 rounds + 20 du's in 15 minuyes
    got the work in, not with the crew but better than nothin' Metcon was modified

  11. Couldn't make the compound but got in a run and Front Squats at the gym.
    4.0 mi run

  12. Swod: 145 3RM
    Metcon: 4 rounds
    5 front squats @105
    10 chest to bar pullups
    80 single unders