Thursday 6.24.10

It’s hot out there so make sure you bring water and drink plenty of it throughout the day before the gym and after.

Skill WOD: Ring Dips
Complete 30 reps any way possible with as many sets or substitutions as needed.

DWOD: Complete 10 rounds:
Sprint 100 meters
*complete sprints on the 90 sec.

Bring your own watch or use one of the stopwatches at The Compound. Don’t skip the rest periods. Get the most amount of rest possible so you can maximize the sprints.

Post fastest times to comments.


  1. did the crossfit football variation of the workout.
    SWOD: box squat: 5x3 @210 (90% of 1 rep max on box squat. Shoulderpress: 8x3 @ 115 (80% of max). 3 sets of 15 ring dips. did assited dips with band.

    metcon: 10 sets of 100m rows. did between 19-24 seconds.

  2. SWOD:
    -Box Squats 5 sets of 5 reps @ 250#
    -Shoulder Press 8 sets of 3 reps @136.5 (45 seconds rest between sets)

    10 sets of 100m sprints on the :90 mark with ring dips in between until I got to 45 ring dips.

  3. Dips w/ band

    17.90 sec best sprint

  4. SWOD Ring Dips. x 20
    Ring Dips x 10 w/10lb

    MetCon 10x100 m sprints
    Best time 17:31ish

  5. Box Squats 5 x 5 @ 247 lbs
    Shoulder Press 8x3 @ 136.5 lbs
    Ring Dips 3 x 15 (15, 9+3+2+1, 10+3+2)

    Did rows with Bill so he wasn't so lonely:
    10x10m rows- fastest 18.38s

  6. 2 unassisted ring dips, 28 with band (after 40 push-ups in warm up)

    Best 100m 19:42

  7. SWOD: ring dips...2 unassisted 49 w one knee on band
    metcon: fastest 100m sprint: 18:21

  8. swod; 30 ring dips
    metcon: ran 1.95 miles in 15 minutes