Wednesday 6.23.10

Ross Enamait, of, is an innovative boxer and trainer, whose training style is among the most intense that you will find. In his article, Burpee Conditioning, Ross explains how to execute burpees, tells us how underrated the exercise is and gives different versions of this exercise. Our burpee is a mix of several variations to include a push up and a jump.

SWOD: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3-3

Metcon: With a continuosly running clock, complete 1 burpee in the first minute, 2 burpees on the second minute, 3 on the third....and so on. If you can't complete rounds on the minute, continue until you at least reach 12 minutes.

For the SWOD, although we all made improvements on our Totals, many of us shared the same frustrations in our overhead strength. So lets push our strength up by lifting more weight than we are able to with just a strict shoulder presses.

For the metcon, this is a burpee ladder with fun, competitive edge to it. Who can go the longest while completing the set repetitions in the allotted time? Can you go 10 minutes? 15? 20?

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. SWOD: push press 3-3-3-3-3-3
    4 @ 75lbs and 2 @ 85 lbs

    METCON: burpee ladder
    10 @ 10 min

  2. SWOD: push press 3-3-3-3-3-3
    135lbs x 3, 140 lbs x 2

    METCON: Burpee ladder
    10 @ 10 minutes

  3. MetCon:
    AMRAP 20 mins:
    7 right arm KB snatch
    7 left arm KB snatch
    15 chest-to-ground push-ups
    15 sit-ups
    Rounds: 9 + KB snatches + 15 push-ups + 6 sit-ups

    Gonna head up north to work on some deadlifts. I'll post that later. Have fun with the burpees ladder today, wish I could do it with you guys!!!

  4. SWOD Push Press
    worked my way up to 105lbs

    METCON: Burpee Ladder

  5. SWOD 125lbs

    MetCon 15BPs'/15min

  6. SWOD: 60 lb push press
    Metcon: Burpee Ladder 10 rounds

  7. SWOD: 135 lb push press

    MetCon: 13 burpees in 13 minutes.

  8. so proud of the 930 class! you all went 10min of burpees and Mike C knocked out 15minutes!!! woo hoo. nice work you guys.

  9. Chris-
    SWOD: 135 pound push press
    MetCon: 13 Burpees in 13 minutes

  10. swod: 55lb push press
    metcon: 8 in 9min

  11. 135 push press (PR)
    12 of the horrible burpees

  12. SWOD: 75lbs
    Metcon: 11 rounds

  13. Push Press ladder: 125
    Burpee ladder 14 rnd's

  14. Swod: 4@75, 2@80 :)
    Metcon: 9 :-/

  15. SWOD:80lb Push Press
    Metcon: 1000 meter sprint on rower