Monday 6.07.10

A kettlebell is a centuries-old Russian training tool that looks like a bowling ball with a handle. Originally, kettlebells were counter-weights used in Russian markets. Country folk started throwing them around and eventually they became very popular in Russia as a training tool.

SWOD: Deadlift 5 x 3

Metcon: For time:
-1-arm Kettlebell/Dumbell Thruster- 12 reps each arm
-Run 400m
-1-arm KB/DB -Thruster- 10 reps each arm
-Run 400 m
-1-arm KB/DB Thruster- 8 reps each arm
-Run 400 m

One more week, where we add 5 -10 lbs from the previous week. If you have missed previous weeks, then start at a weight that is roughly 80-85 % of your current 3 RM.

The Thruster is a deep front squat to a push press all in one explosive movement. We are taking away the barbell and doing today's workout with a kettlebell or a dumbbell. You should notice how difficult the one armed thruster is, even at a relatively light weight. This exercise demands a stable midsection throughout the entire movement.

Post weights and times to comments section. cc


  1. Well today I decided to do what I wanted instead of Craigs workout.

    I worked on my Deadlift goal and got within 10 pounds. 265 for 1 RM and current PR. With help from Bill on form...


  2. Dead lift 5 sets x 3 reps 185,205, 225, 250, 275lb
    1 arm kb(35lb) 12 each arm x 400m run
    " " 10 " " x 400m
    " " 8 " " x 400m 10:42

  3. Dead lift 5 set x 3reps 125, 135, 185 1 set of 205x3

    1ARM KB 26lbs X12,10,8 400M run each set

    TIME: some time after Nicole and before john :)

  4. I decided to do what Craig said and got 5 pounds over my 3 RM. He's a smart guy

    Sumo Deads- 465 x 3

    Metcon: 9:35 with 62 lbs KB

  5. Trying to recover from my back strain. Did 5 sets of 5 with 135 on my dead lifts. Alternated standard lifts with sumo.

    Metcon: Craig made me listen to him and he put me on the injured workout plan. He bashed me pretty hard on Sundays post, but....I guess I do feel better now. I think it was my workout partner and not craig though.

    12-10-8 of box squats, knees to elbows, and 300 meter rows. 7:56

  6. Back Recovery workout:

    12-10-8 of box squats, knees to elbows, and 300 meter rows.

  7. SWOD 225 5x3
    Met. 8:53 (35lb KB)

  8. dead lift 165, 3X5. 1 arm kb thruster/400meter run. 12 each, run, 10 each, run, 8 each run. 12:41.

  9. swod: DL 255 5x3
    metcon:8:32 12@ 26lb.kb, 10@ 26 lb.kb, 8@ 35 lb.kb Was scolded by Craig for going too light but my shoulder is feeling just shy of great!

  10. Deadlift = 5 x 3 at 295 lbs - tried 315 but form sucked
    MetCon = 12:36 or :46? 44 lb KB thanks to Justins motivation and lack of anything lighter.
    But as my buddy G says, "dont be scared, just do the weight!"

    METCON: KB 20 LBS AND 400 METER @ 8:24

  12. Deadlift: 225
    Metcon: 35# KB for 6:59

    Excited for Kyles birthday workout tomorrow! Bring it

  13. Doug I totally forgot about your shoulder! you're supposed to tell me to back off i don't know what i'm talking about!

    I enjoy Mondays when i get to come to the evenings and play with all the PMers. Thanks guys, you all did great

  14. Deadlift only today due to lack of time. I worked up to a failed 520# attempt, then did 5 singles at 445 (85%).

  15. Haven't DL'd in a while so stayed at 225lb 3x5.
    Metcon: Thought I could break 8min but just didn't have it today. 8:19 (35lb)

  16. SWOD: Deadlift 170 lbs (5x3) A new PR for me and I did it 15 times! I can't wait for the upcoming Compound Total..I am in pursuit of my secret goal.
    Metcon: 10:23 with the teeniest of all kettlebells.

  17. SWOD: Deadlift 145lbs 5x3
    Metcon: 10:00 w/26lb kettlebell

  18. SWOD:Deadlift 110 lbs-1RM
    Metcon: 12:26 w/ 18lb KB

  19. SWOD 3x5x255 DL
    Metcon 13:48

  20. It's all good coach, I kind'a felt like a slacker anyway..just want to stay in the game rather than the sidelines...dontcha'know:)

  21. Swod: 170 5x3
    Metcon 11:07 26 lb kettlebell