Tuesday 6.08.10

Happy Birthday to Kyle.

Here he is striking a pose after hitting a +50" Box Jump. Tyler saw him do it and immediately donned the cape and imitated him.

Metcon: "Kyle's Legit WOD of Solidness"
30:00 time limit:
Bench Press 28 reps @ your current bodyweight
As many rounds till time limit expires:
-6 Barbell Burpee-Deadlift-Hang Power Clean (135/ 95 lbs)
-8 Box Jumps (30/ 24 in.)
-10 Sit ups (Abmat- or for Kyle GHD Situps)

For the metcon, on 6-8-10 Kyle turns 28. For the Burpee-Deadlift-Hang cleans, this is similar to a Bear Complex . You can rest the bar anywhere on this one though, but challenge yourself and try not to let the bar go through the entire 6 reps. Box Jumps are tall ones, so again challenge yourself and go a little above what you normally do.

Alright Bra! This workout is Solid! And for those of you who "got Jits", this will definetely help. But if your not Legit enough to try this workout, then check with your trainer and they will be able to help you out with another.

Post your weights and scores to comments. cc


  1. Metcon: Bench Press 55 lbs
    7 rounds of:
    6 burpee-deadlift-power clean @ 45 lbs
    8 box jumps
    10 sit ups

  2. That WOD was legit, bra! Unfortunately I couldn't be as "solid" as I wanted to be. I could only do 15:00 instead of 30:00 'cause I had to get to work.

    I did bench press at 245, then did 4 rounds plus 2 burpee-deadlift-hang power cleans. Used 135 lbs, a 30-inch box, and Abmat sit ups. Wanted to do GHD but not enough room. Next time.

    Happy b-day Kyle!

  3. Fun WOD!

    Bench press @ 155 lbs then 7 rounds plus 4 burpee deadlift power cleans with 135 lbs. I started on the first few rounds on a lower box then did my last 4 rounds on the RX 30" box.

  4. "Legit" is exactly the way to describe the workout! "Solid" is exactly the way to describe the how everyone did and is going to do!

    This was a great way to start the 28th year of my life! Legit solidness, with a 230lb bench press 28 times in 4 min. Then right into 10 rounds of 6 reps of Burpee - dead lift - hang cleans, to 8 - 30" box jumps, and 10 - GHD Sit ups!

    Everyone in the AM KILLED IT!

    Thanks Craig for a great BDay WOD!

    I am looking forward to Melissa's BDay WOD…Which is right around the corner!

  5. Good Job everyone who even attempted that workout. No one opted out for a different one.

    10 rounds plus 6 burpee-dead-cleans. As rx'ed with 240 lbs bench

  6. Happy Birthday Kyle!!
    5 Rounds + 3 burpee-dead-cleans with 65lbs. Bench press:65lbs
    Today's workout was of course hard, but fun.

    *actually jumped on the makeshift 24 inch box, which is a PR, but then the box attacked me and I fell :) finished the WOD anyway. :)

  7. 95 lb. 28 rep bench, 6+3 of BBDHPC (75LB) bj (20 inch), ab mat.

  8. 95# 28 rep bench; 4rounds x 75# + 4 box jumps(20")

  9. One word.."Legit"! Kyle your youthful exuberance is contagious, bra'! Happy Birthday!
    115# BP X28 / 30" box jump / 95# barbell
    9 rounds + one bb push up...YIKES!!

  10. 135 lbs. x 28 bench press
    6 rounds + two burpees at 75 lbs. and 30" box w/abmat situps.

  11. Kyle what a great day. One workout followed by breakfast closing it out with a BBQ at Craigs.

    As Doug had put it youthful exuberance is contagious.
    135 BP, I got no idea on box jump height but it was tall with 95Lb barbell. I did GHD situps in place of the AB mat and best of all I have no idea how many rounds I did. At round three I just decided not to count and more. Great job all that was max effort by everyone.

  12. Like a sermon at church, you know it was good if you tell others about it during the day! Happy birthday, Kyle! It was a fun workout. I enjoyed it so much I'm posting for the first time.
    75 lb bench press
    55 lb, 20" box, ab mat = 7 rounds
    the best part... No running!!! Yeah!

  13. Allison- 95 lb bench x 28, 8 Rounds of 95 lb burpee clean, 31.5" box jumps and GHD

    Jeff- 150 lb bench x 28, 12 rounds of 135 lb burpee clean, 30" box jumps and GHD

    Thanks Kyle for a great workout.

  14. metcon: was dedicated to Super Kyle.
    did 155lb for 15 reps then had to drop dn to 135 to complete the 28. It all was followed with 7 full round plus 3 deadlift snatches. I did the follow heights on the box jumps.
    3 rounds @ 30"
    2 rounds @ 36"
    2 rounds @ 40" (just for you Kyle)

  15. Bench: 65# X 28, 8 rounds + 2 burpee/deadlift/cleans. 65", 24" box, abmat

    I just have to say that I was a witness to Jeff's awesomeness! As Allison said, he did 12 full rounds but he also put in 6 sets of the burpee/DL/cleans!

  16. Dude, that was solid (fist pump)!
    65lb bench, 65lb Barbell Burpee-Deadlift-Hang Power Cleans-10 rounds!