Wednesday 6.09.10

CrossFit Pyramid.

The next time you wonder how best to improve your fitness, thinking of this pyramid helps put into aspect the most important elements. Hopefully noone forgets the top of the pyramid though, which is usually the most enjoyable and where all your hard work pays off.

SWOD: Work on your skill or strength of choice. Work towards a goal of yours if you wrote them down. If you didn't, rumor has it that the Compound Total will be in a week or two and you can never train the clean or snatch enough. If you don't know, have your trainer help decide what to work on.

Metcon: Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
Max Rep Supine Ring Pull Ups
Sprint 50 yards

To perform Supine Ring Pull ups, set the rings so your back is off the ground, place heels on a box and pull your chest to your hands. You can also keep your heels on the ground. The more you lean back, the harder the exercise becomes. At whatever level you do, your set of max reps ends when you pause for too long or if you cant pull your chest to make contact with your hands

Trainers: Due to limited number of rings, depending on size consider splitting classes up have half do the metcon first, then switch to SWOD.

Post total amount of supine ring pull ups completed to comments. cc


  1. SWOD-your choice
    back squats - 85lbs x3

    15:00 min
    max reps-supine ring pull ups
    50 m sprint
    total amount of ring pull ups =67

  2. SWOD: Shoulder Press-45lbs
    Metcon: 78 ring pull ups in 15:00 mins
    50 m sprint between sets of pull ups

  3. O worked some max effort box jumps today. I got up to 43.5 inches.

    I then worked snatch up to 230. I missed it twice but I'm close.

  4. Clean 95#
    METCOn 43 ring pulls

  5. Worked on overhead squat and snatch.
    Metcon: 100 ring pulls, will work on being lower to the ground next time. :)

  6. Swod: Clean Practice 115lbs

    Metcon: 91 Ring Pullups as Rx
    9 Sprints

  7. SWOD: Clean and Backsquat practice
    Metcon: 48 ring pull ups

  8. Swod: back squat 1RM at 135Lb.
    Wod: 40

  9. Metcon: 40 ring pull ups...heels on a box!