Saturday 6.12.10

Accuracy is an often overlooked component of fitness. Accuracy is the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity. For example, to be able squat or perform the pushup to the exact same position and full range of motion no matter how tired you are is a matter of accuracy.

Skill WOD: Rope Climb. How high can you get? 10 ft. 15 ft. To the ceiling. Or lie on your back and use the rope to pull yourself to a standing position.

Try different methods on how you use your feet to relieve your arms from doing all the work. If you can’t climb the rope, try anyway; the struggle is just as important and useful as the accomplishment. This can be a great substitute to pull-ups as well.

Turkish Get Ups. Start with the lightest KB and work your way up to see waht you are capable of.


Complete for time:

60 second L-Hangs
30 Good Mornings, 45 lbs barbell
30 Abmat Sit-ups
25 Good Mornings, 45 lbs
25 Abmat Sit-ups
20 Good Mornings, 45 lbs
20 Abmat Sit-ups
15 Good Mornings, 45 lbs
15 Abmat Sit-ups
10 Good Mornings, 45 lbs
10 Abmat Sit-ups
5 Good Mornings, 45 lbs
5 Abmat Situps
60 second L-Hangs

**Every 2:00 perform 4 Turkish Get Ups, 2 per arm. Base the wieght you use on how you did during the SWOD**

For the L-Hangs, accumulate 60 seconds total in the position. If you fall out of position, which is dropping the legs below 90 degrees from the body, then time stops until you return to the exact position.

There are two ways to scale the Good Mornings. If you are familiar with them and can handle it then bump up the weight. If you can't keep proper position then lower to a 35 lbs bar or PVC. Just moving in the proper position will be beneficial no matter the weight.

Post Rope Climb attempts and times to comments. cc


  1. Kid #2 graduates from Vaca High Saturday morning. I'll pull a 6am cardio circuit as a plan B workout.

  2. swod: turkish getup 26lb. 2 each side,35lb. 2 e.s., 44lb. 2 e.s. Climbed the rope..yikes!
    Metcon: 19:37

  3. SWOD: Turkish getups 18lb and 15 lb kb
    Metcon: 29:12

    Wondered why the 8amers looked so smoked when I arrived....I soon discovered why!

  4. Metcon 20:09
    Used 35lb for TGU's

  5. SWOD Turkish GUs' 35lbs
    Rope Climb x 1

    Metcon Turkish GUs' (1x35lb rest at 26lb)

  6. Climbed the rope about 8 ft
    Turkish GU's 18 lbs

    WOD: 21:27

    Great workout! Love working that core!

  7. Sory about the posting delay but again I'm writing/exercising from the lovely Ft Hunter Liggett (FHL). One of the troopers is a P90X fan and wanted us to try it so for today we did 15 reps of each which totaled a 30 minute workout.
    in/outs, bicycle forwards, bicycle backwards, pushups, crunchy frog, cross leg/wide situps, close hand pushups, fifer scissor, hip rock raise, wide arm pushups, pulse ups, alligator pushups, leg climb, oblique V-ups, pushup/knee ups, mason twist. "BORING"

  8. Metcon: 10 lb DB and 45 lb bar-34 something

    switched to 35lb bar when someone finished their metcon and lowered the Turkish GU (not sure what weight)it got a lot easier after that and i was able to speed up :)