Friday 06.11.10

SWOD: Shoulder Press 5 x 3.

Metcon: "Mary"
As many rounds as possible in 20:00 of:
5 Handstand push-ups
10 1-legged squats
15 Pull-ups

This is our last day of the short linear progression for the basic lifts. So make it a good one, whether that means lifting more weight than last time or working on your form at a lower weight. I liked how Chanda and Amy stayed at a low weight and really tried to perfect the squat yesterday morning.

For the metcon, "Mary" is another benchmark workout, sort of a higher skilled version of "Cindy". We have worked hard this week, so you are probably feeling sore everywhere like I am. If so turn your intensity from focusing on speed (getting the most rounds possible) to working on proper form and depth of the exercises. I promise you the intensity will feel different, but will have a positive effect on your skills in these exercises. Afterall, cardio respiratory endurance is only one of the tem components of fitness we are seeking, there are 9 more we need to focus on as well, including accuracy, balance, coordination, etc.

Post weights and score to comments section. cc


  1. Craig, my arm is WAY better. It's killing me that I can't paticipate. See you next week! :)

  2. SWOD: shoulder press 1 x 65 4 x 60
    WOD: Mary
    6 rounds plus 5 handstands, 10 squats

  3. SWOD: 65#
    7 rounds +5 handstands, 8 squats
    Mod: band pull ups, used 3 abmats, box for squats

  4. SWOD:
    I went a little press crazy and did:
    Push Press up to 255x3 PR!
    Split Jerk up to 305x1 PR!
    Rack Jerk up to 320x1 PR!
    Shoulder Press: 195x4, 2, 1, 1

    I did "SWAT Op Gone Bad" becaus emy goal of 400 is due in a couple of weeks. I lost count because my daughter kept asking me questions. I know I wasn't anywhere near 400 though, probably around 350.

  5. SWOD: pushpress 65lbs
    Metcon: 5rounds + 5 handstand push ups and 10 1-legged squats, each leg. (1/4 down on the handstands)

    Back to work!

  6. SWOD: 75

    MetCon: 10 rounds Rx

  7. got there really late adn got sucked into a post Kyles B-day WOD. It was a legit one, but me not so legit.
    205 bench, 135 lbs for the DL/HC, 30" box. 4.5 round