Saturday 6.19.10

None after yesterday's strength marathon.

AMRAP in 30:00:
- 800m Run
- 20 1-Arm KB Swings (10 each arm)
- 20 Abmat Sit Ups
- 20 Push Ups

WOD Tips:
The above constitutes one round. Perform as many rounds as you can in the 30:00 time frame. For the runs, 800m is two laps around the parking lot. Make sure you hug the outside curb of the parking lot as much as parked cars will allow all the way around the lot for a true 800m. Then pick a kettlebell you can hold onto with one hand. Do 10 swings with one arm, and then 10 swings with the other. Then do 20 Abmat sit Ups, and 20 push ups.

Post the number of rounds completed to the comments section! bc


  1. Three rounds + 8ØØm + 1Ø KB Swings

  2. 4 rounds + 600m run...the push ups killed me :(

  3. 4 rounds

    I am with Steph, the push ups were a killer!

  4. 5 Rounds w/35lb. kb
    Fun morning with "Mike the Motor" and "Kenny the Beast"!! YIKES!!!

  5. Compound Total:
    back squat..295
    shoulder press..160
    dead lift 405
    WOD: 5 rounds.