Wednesday 6.16.10

When we get good at ring work, this will be the Workout of the Day.

SWOD: Barbell Row, 3rm

Metcon: “Elizabeth”
- Cleans (135/85)
- Ring Dips

The Barbells rows are performed by standing over the bar as if you were going to deadlift. Then bend over the bar anywhere from a 45 to 90 degree angle with your hips high, your legs straight, but your knees not locked out. Then pull the bar against your lower chest, not to your stomach. Don’t pull with your hands, rather pull your elbows to the ceiling. Try to make your shoulder blades touch and open your chest.

For the metcon, it's another one of those named benchmark workouts. Cleans means squatting on each rep. If you need assistance on the rings dips, try using bands, jumping with a few seconds of holds at the top of each rep, bar dips, or bench/ box dips.
Record your weights and times to comments. cc (Come on trainers, lets make sure they record, this is their chance to record their numbers for future workout comparisons).


  1. SWOD:
    Barbell Row up to 265x3

    Elizabeth as rx'd in 7:20.

  2. Recovery workout: 5 ring dips, 10 back extensions, 15 situps
    12:00 5 rounds +1

  3. SWOD: 75

    MetCon: 10:09 @ 55 w/ box dips

  4. SWOD: 105#

    METCON: 12:06 @ 75#

  5. Elizabeth: 7:32. Beat Brad all the way to last set of ring dips, then he took me as I went down to doing singles

  6. SWOD: 85# X3
    METCON: 16:24 (75 lbs. x21, then 65 lbs. X15 and X9)

  7. swod:115 lbs. (good form) 135lbs. (poor form)
    metcon:17:59 @95 & ring dips ..I'm exhausted.

  8. SWOD: 85lbs
    Metcon: 11:37 w/55lbs and dips off box

    Went for speed vs. weight tonight on the metcon. I was so sore from Monday's WOD that I wanted to ease back into it!

  9. SWOD: 85lbs.
    METCON: 13:52 @ 85lbs.

  10. SWOD: 60
    Metcon: 18:33 @ 85lbs