Monday 7.12.10

A great video of Boxer/ Trainer Ross Enamait from
Try a few of these exercises if you can

SWOD: Max Height Box Jump, 1 RM

Start at a box jump you know you can jump on to, and then begin adding height until you reach your max.

Metcon: "Angie"
For Time:
-100 Pull ups
-100 Push ups
-100 Sit ups
-100 Squats

Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next. Work on accuracy of movement for this workout. Your first rep of each exercise should look exactly like your last rep, albeit a bit slower due to fatigue. If you cannot do an exercise as prescribed, then try to use the most difficult variation of scaling as possible with an eye towards a goal of doing all workouts as written.

Post heights and times to comments.


  1. SWOD: Max Box Jump - 22" Fell trying 24, "OlD MAN CAN'T JUMP!

    ME TCON:

    100 Ring Pullups
    100 Box Pushups
    100 Abmat Situps
    100 Box Sqwuats 26:48

    A killer workout, Dave left with symptoms of "Food Poisoning"

  2. footbal total: 1085
    PC: 205 (pr)
    Sq: 355 (PR)
    BP: 190
    DL: 355

  3. Great job on "Angie", morning crew!

    I did the CrossFit Football Total as well:

    Power Clean: 285
    Back Squat: 435
    Bench Press: 350
    Deadlift: 495

    Total: 1565

  4. SWOD: 28" Box Jump
    Metcon: 25:04 (pullups assisted w/band)

    Busted up my shin pretty good on the 30" attempt and was too scared to go any jumps are more mental than anything. Once you get psyched out forgetta bout it!

  5. CrossFit Football Total:

    Power Clean: 275
    Back Squat: 435
    Bench Press: 330
    Deadlift: 495

    Total: 1535

  6. SWOD: 30" Box Jump

    Metcon: 29:40
    100 Pull Ups-band
    100 Push Ups-35 & 10 lb weights (i think)
    100 Sit Ups
    100 Squats
    I am really trying to focus on my form which is why my rounds have been taking a little longer lately.

  7. Well, there weren't any weights in my hotel room here in spain so I improvised.

    Jump rope for 7 rounds of 2 min on/1 off. (I'm so glad I bought that jump rope, fits perfect in my backpack)

    I did the 7 and 7's from last week, but changed it up for lack of a wall ball. So I did 7 air squats and 7 pushups for AMRAP in 7 mins for a total of 13 rounds. Thankfully our next stop in Iraq has a gym so I'll be at it again tomorrow!

  8. Box Jump: 34" pr
    Metcon: as rx'd all kipping pullups
    22:09...yikes,monday fun time:)

  9. Box Jump: 35"
    Metcon: time?....finished it!

  10. Box Jump: 42'' pr
    Metcon : 33:08 subbed pullups with ring pullups, other than that did rx'ed

  11. Box jump: 34"
    Metcon: 22:40 w/ring rows

  12. Box J. 37"

    MetCon Timer malfunction but who cares
    I finished

  13. Chris
    Max Box Jump: 44 3/4"
    Metcon: Time (?)

    Max Box Jump: 33 1/4"
    Metcon: (?)