Monday 7.19.10

Our newest and youngest member of the Muscle Up Club. Great Job Josh!

In the spirit of the CrossFit and their Games, we are not going to post the workouts this week. Rather, you will learn what the workout will be when you show up at The Compound.

What will the workout be? who knows. However if you're goal is to achieve the greatest level of fitness YOU can obtain for yourself than it should not matter. If it's something you are good at, you'll get better. If it's something you struggle with, you'll still get better. If it's something you don't enjoy doing, then usually it's some skill you struggle with, and once again you will get better.

Most of us like to get in a comfortable groove and stick with those exercises we excel at. In the beginning for me it was Bench Press. I did it two or three times a week; flat bench, incline, decline, dumbbells, with boards, chains, bands, high rep/ low weight, low reps/ high weight, etc. And I excelled. However, other skills fell to the wayside when I trained this way. I couldn't do a pull up or rope climb to save my life (literally, I went to a SWAT competition and could not make it up a rope. I blamed my slippery boots at the time).

You work on your weaknesses and they will make you stronger all around. Chris Spealler, who took 3rd place at the CrossFit Games this year, is 140 lbs and a machine with any body weight exercise (he posted a video several years back doing 100+ pull ups in a row). He spent this last year working on his weakness; Stength. The results: He destroyed workouts this year that involved heavier weights and his body weight skills showed vast improvement as well. He placed 1st or 2nd in 5 of the 9 workouts this last weekend. My weaknesses involve any and all gymnastics skills. Guess what I'll be working on more...

Skill WOD: The first portion go over rope climbs and spend 15-20 min allowing them to practice, w/ or w/o feet, from there back to standing position and all scaling, including towel pull ups.

Metcon: For 20 minutes:
Run 400 meters
Rest precisely the time of the previous run

Post distance to comments.


  1. SWOD: bench practice
    Metcon: 500m row rest the time it took to row and then start again for 20:00
    2:10, 2:10, 2:10, 2:10, 2:05 =2500m

  2. Climbed the rope.

    Metcon 1:34

  3. rope climb practice(2 full climbs)) + drills at the bottom of the rope.
    Metcon: 1:32

  4. rope climb pratice
    Metcon: fastest 1:46
    slowest :1:57
    Five laps in 20 min.

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