Sunday 7.18.10

The 2010 CrossFit Games, "The ultimate proving grounds of the world’s fittest athletes", are still on there way and will be finishing up with their 3rd and final day today. Competitions have taken place since Friday featuring events for men and women individuals, masters (50 years +), and Affiliate Teams.

The theme this year and always is being prepared for the unknown. These athletes and a lot like Decathletes, who have to not only be strong and fast, but versatile in 10 different events. However, unlike most sports competitors, these CrossFit Games participants have no idea what their next event will be until an hour before competition. Being the most fit for the unknown is what these athletes do best.

And as always, CrossFit provides their information to everyone for FREE. So here is a link to the live feed of the CrossFit Games. Tune in today (at this link) and watch the finals to determine who the fittest people alive will be this year

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  1. Awesome display of what this is all about..felt like the Super Bowl of Fitness. Due respect to Iron Man, but this was off the chart..intense!! Let's keep on killin' it this year and see where it takes us!?!