Saturday 7.31.10

The standing broad jump is one of the best ways to measure your explosive power.

5 rounds of 5 consecutive standing broad jumps for total distance.

"Medicine Ball Madness"
AMRAP in 20:00 of:
- 10 Medicine Ball Deadlifts
- 10 Medicine Ball Hang Power Cleans
- 10 Medicine Ball Front Squats
- 10 Medicine Ball Push Presses/ Push Jerks

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, the standing broad jump is a great test of overall body explosiveness and power. We're going to take it a step further, however, and add endurance, reactive strength, and proprioreception into the mix by bounding for a series of 5 consecutive broad jumps for maximum total distance. Repeat for 5 rounds, and record you shortest distance and longest distance.

For the metcon, grab a medicine ball and get to work! We have a 30# ball, a few 20#'s, 14#'s, and 10#'s. Play with the weight and pick one that will work for you. The weights will be light, but the object is not like a barbell, and the reps will high, so this one will be fun in a new way!

Post broad jump distances and rounds with medicine ball weight to the comments section! bc


  1. 31/35 broad jumps
    12 rounds + 10 front squats

  2. SWOD: 29.2-34.5
    Metcon 14lbs, 30lbs,70lbs bag
    the bag killed me on the push press
    6 rounds+9 push press

  3. 30'11" best distance long jump x 5
    10 rounds @ 14 lbs.

    I watch Mike out of the corner of my eye with that 30 lbs. log thing that Erica plunked on him. Man...Mike did a job with that yellow log thing with handles.

  4. SWOD: 32'5"" to 35'7"
    METCON: 9 Rds+7 of the second thing
    (5x70lb yellow thing
    4x30lb ball)
    Stop watching me Jerry its creepy!!

  5. Football Gone Bad
    3 rounds of 1 minute each:
    -Thruster, 44# KBs
    -Box Jump,20in.
    -double under
    -Row (Calories for reps)
    Rd. 1-116 reps, Rds 2&3-117 reps
    Total reps: 350. all exercises went down in reps, but double unders got better

  6. SWOD: 36'2"/40'9"

    METCON: 14 rounds + 10 deadlifts/hang cleans

    Used 20/30lb med. ball, 62lb kb, and the sandbag. Erica kept throwing stuff at me.

  7. SWOD: Broad jumps 5 jumps 5 times = 28/31
    Metcon: started with the 14lb ball, switched to 30lb ball, then to the 20lb ball and deadlifts with the 54lb kettle bell.

    8 rounds: Erica threw stuff at me too ;)

  8. SWOD: 30'2"/32'

    Metcon: 10 full rounds of:
    10 medicine ball deadlifts
    10 medicine ball hang power cleans
    10 medicine ball front squats
    10 medicine ball push jerks