Tuesday 7.27.10

Matt N. takes a well-deserved breather after 10x100m sprints early Monday morning.

-3 handstand holds for time

4 Rounds for time of:
-15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
-15 Sit Ups
-15 Overhead Walking Lunges each leg (45/25)

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, the handstands can be done against the wall, with a partner holding your feet, on paralletes, free standing, on rings...whatever method you can get into and hold for maximum time.

For the metcon, challenge your self to do the sumo deadlift high pulls at the rx'd weight, as long as correct form is maintained. The sit ups can be Abmat sit ups, or scale up to GHD sit ups. For the lunges, grab a bumper plate (25# for men, 15# for women) and hold it overhead with active shoulders. Then lunge away in any direction you want for 30 total lunges, 15 per leg. Repeat for 4 rounds as quickly as possible.

Post handstand hold times and metcon times to the comments section! bc


  1. 3x max handstand 1min max
    4 rounds for time
    15 sumo dead lifts 55lbs
    15 sit ups
    15 overhead walking lunges 25lbs


  2. Handstand holds: 1:15 max
    Metcon: 12:29
    55# Sumo dead lift high pull
    25# overhead walking lunges
    abmat sit ups

    Should have tried 65# SDHP's but the handstand holds killed my shoulders...I'm super sore and it's only Tuesday, yikes!

  3. 3x max handstand holds: 1 min
    Metcon: 15:38
    45# sumo deadlift high pull
    abmat situps without arms
    25# overhead walking lunges.

    Next time, I will do 55 lbs sumo deadlift high pulls.

  4. CCFB

    some gymnastics stuff
    Metcon: 5 rounds + 2 reps
    AMRAP in 12 min
    2 Power cleans @ 165 (80% of 1 RM)
    2 Round of 3 Pull Ups, 5 Push Ups, 7 Air Squats

  5. WOW, big showing this AM! Great to see everyone out this morning.

    SWOD: some gymnastics stuff, forward rolls, headstands, etc

    DWOD: AMRAP in 12 min
    2 Power cleans @ 165 (80% of 1 RM)
    2 Round of 3 Pull Ups, 5 Push Ups, 7 Air Squats

    8 rounds + 18 reps

  6. SWOD: handstand hold: 1:25 max
    Metcon: 15:52 (55 lb SDHP, 25 lb overhead lunges)

  7. SWOD: 1:06
    Metcon: 18:ish
    75# SDHP
    45# Lunges
    GDHP Situps

  8. CFFB WOD...

    Gymnastics: free standing hand stands, forward rolls, and hollow rocks

    AMRAP in 12 min:
    2 Power snatches @ 168 (80% of 1 RM)
    2 Rounds of 3 Pull Ups, 5 Push Ups, 7 Air Squat

    I completed 7 rounds even. Snatches killed me today!

  9. Handstand 24sec

    15 sumo dead lifts (bar) 45lbs
    15 sit ups
    15 overhead walking lunges (no weight)

  10. HS Hold :53
    metcon : as rx'd 20:14
    2 rope climb's

  11. Swod: 2:04
    Metcon: 20:30 Rx'd w/GHD situps.
    Phew!!! That was rough. I wanted to quit after the second round. I know I was "Wendy Crybaby Whiner" tonight!! . If I could just keep my mouth shut and push through, I might have better time!

  12. SWOD: :14, :29, :28
    METCON: 27:58 @ 75# & 25#