Friday 8.20.10

Amy showing a scaled down version of handstand push ups.

SWOD: Hand Stand Holds 3 x max time (2 min rest)

Metcon: Three rounds for time of:
115/ 85 lbs Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 10 reps
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

Spend some time during your warm up going over gymanstics movements; kipping, rolls, rings,...."pirouettes" (Mike and Doug!). Then hit 3 sets of handstand holds with 2 minutes rest in between.

For the metcon, review sumo deadlift high pulls and find out what weight you used last and the number of reps you did. If you can't do the prescribed weight, use your previous scores to estimate what weight you should use.

Post times to comments.


  1. SWOD: Handstand Hold-1:27 PR!

    Metcon: 3 rounds in 5:54 of:
    10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls-55lbs
    200 yard Shuddle Sprint

  2. 1:46, 1:45, and 1:14 handstand hold

    then a 4:14 metcon

  3. SWOD: Handstand Hold-1:20

    Metcon: 3 rounds in 5:13 of:
    10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls- 65lbs
    200 yard Shuddle Sprint

  4. Handstand hold 1:17 (PR)

    wod: 6:35

    Not bad for a friday but have some work to do

  5. Handstand holds: 1:28 PR

    65 lbs sumo deadlift high pulls-10
    200 yard shuttle sprint


  6. handstand holds: 27 sec, 31 sec, 27 sec

    200 yard shuttle run

  7. SWOD: 47s,23s,30s Handstand holds
    METCON: 5:02 RX'd

  8. Handstand holds: 1:09, 0:50 on parallettes
    Metcon: 5:09 (65# sumo dead lift high pulls)

  9. SWOD: Handstand Hold Max 1:58 PR
    (Beat that Doug!)
    METCON: 5:42 RX
    Mega sore from yesterday!

  10. 48 seconds doing box handstand

    METCON: 5:15 65# Sumo Deadlift

    Sorry Craig couldn't make it, Grandma asked about him at breakfast. Kyle and Brad did awesome, go guys...

  11. SWOD: Headstand Hold: 44 sec

    Metcon: 4:05 65lb Sumo Deadlift

  12. Thom I'm gonna beat that today buddy!

  13. swod: 58 secs
    metcon: 5:34 115lbs

    Thanks for letting my hit a couple workouts with you guys. I love the crossfit community!! See you in the morning and i'll be ready to shoot some video for your website.

  14. Happy Friday everyone!!!
    SWOD: handstand holds 1:24 PR!!
    Metcon: 8:24 sumo deadlift high pulls w/85lb as Rx'd Woo Hoo :)

  15. Two mile warmup run
    HSPUs'. 1:23,1:26,1:11

    MetCon: 7:48 RXd
    Two mile cool down run.
    (Compound to Roscoe Marvick St=2mi)

  16. SWOD: Handstand holds - 30 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec...i'm just happy about getting into the handstand without any help or modification.

    METCON: 3 rounds of:
    10 SUMO Deadlift High Pulls 115lbs rx
    200 yd shuttle sprints

  17. My hat is off to Thom, its not easy for guys like us 200 + to keep a hand stand. But I did it.

    SWOD: 1:59 (was muttering in my head gotta beat Thom, so thanks Thom for the motivation to stay up when my body wanted to drop !!!!!), 1:30, :45(tried doing a one arm hand stand, failed)

    Metcon: RX @ 7:36

  18. crossfit recovery wod:
    a/m situp,front squat w/2-26 lb. Kb, KB Swing @35 lb.,ring pushups,back fly with band, Double kettlebell cleans w/2-26 lb. kb one warm up round then 3 rounds x15 of each, except amsu were x20, followed by 1x50 at the end. In the garage..alone but motivated:)

  19. Handstand Hold: 1:45 (PR)
    Metcon: 7:27 I think (65lbs)

    Did the metcon with 10 lbs more this time. I want to be able to say "as Rx'd." I have never said that before...but it is coming.

  20. SWOD: Handstand Hold 1:00 (PR)

    METCON: 4:22 (Rx)

  21. Thom my good man,,beat what, where ,when...wahooey! Great time by the way..Ill play to yours strengths if you play to mine:)

  22. WOD: Football Xfit: 10:10 @ 135 lbs.
    9 clean and jerks
    1 Gasser
    6 clean and jerks
    1/2 Gasser
    3 clean and jerks
    1/4 Gasser

  23. SWOD: 1:00, 1:00, 1:00 (PR)
    METCON: 6:54 @ 65#