Tuesday 8.31.10

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve! Continue to pamper yourself today.

SWOD: Split Jerk 1 RM.

250 m Row
Then 2 rounds for time:
15 Burpees
15 KB Swings (53/35#)
15 Overhead Squats (45/35#)
15 Medicine Ball Sit Up Throws (20/ 14#)
15 yard Four Cone Drill

For the SWOD, find out which foot is used for your dominant foot forward as you work your way up in weight.

For the Metcon, the Row is short and an all out sprint. For med ball throws, get into a sit up position about 6-8 feet from the wall. Start with your back flat on the ground and the ball overhead. Sit up while flinging med ball against the wall, catch and repeat.

***For the metcon in order to turn this into a "Steve" workout for his birthday, if you are a firefighter (or really want to be one), complete the workout in full turnouts or a 20# vest.

Post weights, times, and gear used during the workout.


  1. Thanks to my wife for selling me out. Ya know you get your feet worked on ONE TIME four years ago and this comes back to haunt me...WTF. But dont knock it till ya try it.

  2. Happy Birthday ...dude? Yikes!

  3. Thanks to The Compound Coaches for putting together toadys b-day WOD and put up my pic. Hopefully, I redeemed myself with the 5a.m. class - each of you did awesome!

    Split Jerk - 185 lbs
    MetCon - as rx'd and in full turnouts - 10:15

  4. CFFB
    SWOD: Deadlift 230 lbs 15x1 @ 65% of 1 RM (30 sec rest)

    WOD: 21, 15, 9 reps of:

    Push Press 135 lbs
    Ring Dips
    Calorie Row
    time 22:45

    I did the WOD as rx'd just for you.
    250 meter row in 55 seconds!
    SWOD: 1rm split jerk 110lbs,the 105 looked alot prettier tho =)

    Metcon: as rx'd 12:15 (minus 5 bucking furpees)

  6. Thank you Justin White for coming to CFS for the "Bugaboo" WOD. It was great to see you again.

    Happy Birthday.

  7. SWOD: 85lb 1rm split jerk
    Metcon: 14:40 26lb KB

  8. SWOD: 185#, 1rm split jerk
    Metcon: 10:14 44lb kb, full turnouts

  9. 115lb. 1rm on split jerk, almost got 120. MetCon 14:58 (with 20lb. vest. 45lb. bar for overhead squat, 44 lb. kb)

  10. I am soooo proud of the 930am class. you guys smoked the workout. Way to go all out, Dietrich,Kenny and Greg in FULL TURNOUTS,helmet and all!!! and John for using the 20lb vest! you guys rock. and a big thanks to dietrich for bringing in two sets of turnouts so more could participate.

  11. Great job this morning to the 5am and 5:30am groups. 23 people working through WOD was crazy but we got it done!

    KC is leaving us for school. I think her priorities are all messed up but whatever. Good luck in school KC! Come back and visit when you're home!

  12. SWOD: 95lb 1RM

    Metcon: 11:30 35lb KB

  13. SPLIT JERK 225X 1RM METCON 11:17 W/ 63LB KBELL

  14. SPLIT JERK 145# 1RM
    METCON 16:00 W/ 53LB KBELL

  15. This WOD looks like alot of fun. Wish i was up there to do this one. Have a great day and a great WOD.

  16. Happy birthday Steve! Wish I could have been there to see all of you killing it in full turnouts. Nice work!!

  17. I tried it steve... Pretty sure she used a full face mask for me though.

    Happy bday!

    Wod: 10:00 w/ 10 lb ball full turnouts

  18. swod:split jerk 135lb.
    metcon:13:39 53lb. kb
    Hats off to the fire fighters doing that.. in your gear...yikes!

  19. SWOD 135LB

    Metcon: 13:33 RXd'

  20. Split jerk: 115 (PR) thanks to Craig's visualization technique ;)
    Metcon: 11:33 NOT in full turnouts!

    Happy birthday Steve!!

  21. SWOD- split jerk- 85lb- taking it easy on my shoulder

    Metcon- as rx'd 11:23

  22. SWOD: 180#, 1rm split jerk
    Metcon: 9:28 1.5poodkb, Dietrich's spare turnouts
    thanks again Dietrich...

  23. SWOD: Worked on form, switching between left and right foot forward. Arms hurting from last few days. LAME.

    Metcon: 11:57 as Rx'd.

  24. 105 lbs. SJ
    20:36 Metcon - fun fun fun! Sorry about the hole in the wall. I didn't know a med ball could do that. :0

    John is a new grandfather, way to go old man!
    Doug's daughter is getting married over the weekend, way to go old man! Get'm married off! My daughter's fiance returned from Afghanistan tomorrow to Fort Bragg, NC. Woohoo! I'll bring Sgt. Mayo to CF when he comes here in October. The 82nd AB troop has been doing CF down range at FOB Apache for a year.

  25. SWOD: Split jerk: 80#
    METCON: 14:46 Rx