Friday 10.01.10

Ryan and Justin at FGB

SWOD: Box Jump max height x 3
(Challenge: jump ½ your body height)

Metcon: 20 minutes:
-Clean and Jerk (95/ 65#)
One minute on, One minute off- for total reps.

For the metcon today, perform a "Full, Squat" Clean (I know, redundant) followed by a Split Jerk. If you're feeling it today and you form is spot on, then go for broke. If you are feeling a little sore, then slow it down and work on prefecting your technique. Either way, Clean and Jerks will be demanding on your body.

Post scores to comments.


  1. SWOD: Box Jump-31.5 inches-PR!!!

    Metcon: 36 Clean & Jerks in 20:00 of:
    1 min on, 1 min off

  2. Metcon: 31 as rx'd

    Thanks Craig for helping me overcome my newly developed box jump phobia. I can't remember what I ended up jumping??

  3. Danyel, 30 inches or so. And you'll get over it in no time.
    By the way, Kenny didn't like my encouragement tachniques today, can you ask him why?

  4. SWOD: 39-1/2" x3

    METCON: 52 reps RX'D

  5. SWOD: 36" box jump

    Metcon: 50 reps Rx's

    Really tried to focus on my form. Felt really good about this one.

  6. SWOD 41
    Metcon.... Knee booboo

  7. SWOD: 45 1/2"

    Metcon: 65 reps Rx'd

  8. 42.3/4 box jump
    metcon :58 rx

  9. swod: 3 timed rope climbs: :46, :42, :32 to the top, touch chain.

    metcon: 51 rx'd

  10. SWOD: 24" box jump

    Metcon: 41 as rx'ed

  11. Swod: 32" box jump. Don't understand why I can't get close to my 34" pr??
    Metcon: 67 rx'd. Tried for 70 (7/round) but the last few rounds were rough!