Friday 9.24.10

Check out this video. We will do these today, only we will do them "Prisoner Style"!

Deadlift 5x5

On the minute for 12:00:
- 5 Clapping Push Ups
- 10 Jumping Alternating Lunges (Prisoner Style)
- 50 yard sprint

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, warm up with increasingly heavier sets, and then do 5 sets of 5 reps at the same weight for your work sets. Use 70-80% of your 1rm depending on how strong you feel. Use any deadlift technique you want: conventional, sumo, even snatch-grip. If you always do one style, try and switch it up.

For the metcon, this is meant to be explosive. If you can't clap between push ups, see if you can at least get your hands off the ground at the top of each rep. If you still need to scale it down, do regular push ups. For the jumping lunges, try and make sure your knees track over your toes the whole time, especially on your front leg. Prisoner style means your hands will be behind your head with your fingers interlocked. For the 50 yard sprint we will do 25 yards out and back. That way you can do the exercises inside, sprint away from the roll up door and then back to it. On the minute for 12:00 cycle through the circuit. If you don't complete a round, you will still start the next minute with push ups. Your score is the number of rounds you complete.

Post weights and rounds completed to the comments section! bc


  1. Prisoner style..???? that dont sound too good!

  2. Sorry I missed it but me and Chanda met and did the "chelly" in preparation for our 10k tomorrow!

    BTW- the one arm kettlebell workout on Wed did a number on my traps and shoulders -whew! Thanks Brad for encouraging the 26 shoulders thank you.

  3. SWOD: 165 5 x 5
    Metcon: -2 sprints. my legs would not work after the deadlifts and jumping lunges. I attempted a clapping push up which Craig found so entertaining he broke out the video camera. Unfortunately for him, I was unable to duplicate the spectacle again so I just did regular. Happy Friday everyone!!

  4. Good Luck everyone tomorrow running the 10k or competing in FGB. Both those should be fun.

    Good job everyone this morning. And don't worry Danyel, your pushups weren't the only entertainment of the morning. And i'm sure there will be more later in the day as well.

  5. 85 lbs sumo dead lifts
    6 rounds with 6 rest rounds!

  6. deadlift 215x5;235x3 [5reps] sumo

  7. Sumo deadlift 225x5
    Metcon @rx

  8. SWOD: Sumo Deadlift 215x5x5 (Light weight in prep for FGB tomorrow!)

    Metcon: As rx'd

  9. I hear ya Danyel! And I know Craig is talking about me!!

    Sumo dead lifts: 175x5x3, 165x5x2 (Kyle made me drop weight because my form sucked)

    Metcon: 12 rounds rx'd...never attempted clapping push ups before (such a dude thing!) and didn't think I could do one let alone 5 for all 12 rounds! And Craig and Kyle obviously thought I was just as entertaining as Danyel because they busted out the video camera for me too...although, I'm pretty sure it was for my jumping lunges!

  10. Matt and I went to the track after work today and did our own WOD. Kind of a recovery day.

    4 Rounds
    400m run
    10 air squats
    10 burpees

    Matt 16:24
    Jenny 14:52

  11. SWOD: Sumo dead lifts 225# x 5
    (Nicole made me take it easy so I can do fight gone bad tomorrow :(

    Metcon: 5 rounds with site knees
    (Again, Nicole wouldn't let me work out hard!)

    Good work today, Greg

    Good luck to all competitors tomorrow!

  12. SWOD: 155# DL 5x5

    Metcon: 12 rounds -- regular pushups