Saturday 9.25.10

The Compound Is closed today for FGB 5!

If you want to attend FGB 5, meet at the gym at 7:15am to carpool up to CrossFit East Sac. Remember to bring a donation as this is a fund raiser. Contact Nicole with any questions. We also have Compound athletes running in the Lagoon Valley Trail Run, and competing in the See Jane Run Triathlon today in Pleasanton! All are worthy causes, great workouts, and a chance to put your CrossFit training to the test. Good luck everyone!

If you're competing in one of these events, log on and post your results to the comments section! If you're staying home today, post what you did for a work out as well! bc


  1. In preparation for a fundraiser garage sale, I completed a 7 hour WOD which consisted of the following:
    Clean: 50 50lb boxes into and out of trucks multiple times
    Deadlift: miscellaneous items from one area to the next
    The conditions were adverse as I had 4 hours of sleep and ate nothing but donuts and coffee. The sale was a success and now I am pooped.

    Can't wait to hear from the FGB crew who went up to Sac today!

  2. Fight Gone Bad: 303 Reps

    Did I really tie the number I got last Saturday at The Compound? Geez...I'm sure I left at least 1 rep out there. Great job to all who competed today. It was an awesome scene at CrossFit East Sac.

  3. 10k Lagoon Valley Trail Run 1 hr 15 min

  4. Sprint Triathlon. 400 swim, 11 mile bike, 3.1 mile run:1:10

    Beat my last time by 9 minutes! Didn't really train much, did mostly CrossFit. CrossFit works!!!

  5. Lagoon Valley 10k Trail Run

  6. WOD: Fight Gone Bad rx'd 240
    Compound members were busy today..nice work to all of us!!

  7. double dipping on the post but just reviewed my previous score on FGB ..increased it yesterday by 17 guessed it "Super Stoked"

  8. Great job Saturday everybody!

    226 for me

    Let's all shoot for 300 next year!