Saturday 9.04.10

Happy Birthday to Nicole today and to Holly yesterday! 29 is a great age to hit.....again!

SkillWOD: Review of ALL exercises and their scaling

Metcon: "29-ish?"
29 Air Squats
29 Burpees
29 Pull Ups
29 Box Jumps, 18”
29 Handstand Push Ups
29 Knees to Elbows
29 Vertical Jumps, 18” above max reach (use wall)
29 Sit Ups
29 Ring Dips
29 Double Unders
*Every minute on the minute perform 2 Power Cleans @ 75% 1 RM

The reps should match the years of the birthday girls'. Of course if I am off a year or two, i'll leave it up to the ladies to inform you and adjust the reps accordingly. Push hard! The longer it takes the more Power Cleans you get to do!

Post times to comments.

compound crossfit Wod from chris sheets (aka "Mr. Powder Slasher") on Vimeo. Thanks Chris, it looks great!


  1. Glad we aren't doing this one at my box for my birthday (sept. 5th). ouch i think i'm getting off easy. We are doing "the two bi-ches" WOD today.

    fran followed by grace.
    What a birthday WOD to do. haha.

    glad you guys like the video. i'm planning on coming back up in a few weeks. maybe i can come in and do another one for you.

  2. Not able to make it today, Happy Birthday to Nicole and Holly! Friends in fitness!

  3. Meant to make it this am, but rough week, so I slept in....sorry I missed it!

    GREAT video guys looked great!

  4. Nicole BDay wk out 30.59, 75 # power cleans

  5. Nicoles bdaywod:

    36:14 with 135 clean

    I forgot the ring dips and had to make them up.

  6. The video looks great!!!!
    I'm sorry I couldn't be there, won't be in there 'till next week to show off my hot pink cast :) I miss y'all SO much.

  7. My apologies to the 8a class. Even though we didnt do the WOD exactly as meant, you still kicked butt and did a crap load of power cleans!! you guys rock! 9am group, you guys were amazing with your energy and drive to finish strong!! Happy Birthday Nicole and Holly.

  8. Great workout, but should we have done more? 29ish, hmmm. Everbody looked great today and all kept me motivated.
    32:49 115# cleans