Thursday 9.09.10

If your bench press looks like this, take some weight off the bar!

Today we will hit the second "slow lift" in our week long power lifting meet. The bench press often gets a bad rap among the CrossFit community for not being a "functional" lift. I say, the functionality of any lift is highly dependent on the individual needs of each athlete. For most of us who are not football players, wrestlers, MMA fighters, or human car jacks, it is probably not the most functional lift we can do. But all of us should be capable of lifting heavy loads off of ourselves from a supine position. I can think of several emergency situations where strength in this plane of movement would be beneficial.

Work up to a 1rm for the day. Then take 65% of that and do 3 sets of max reps resting at least 2:00 in between sets.

Tabata Mash Up Fran:
:20, :10 off, alternating until you've done 8 rounds each of:
- Thrusters (95/65) *Power clean the bar into place for the thrusters*
- Pull Ups

WOD Tips:
For the bench press, use a medium to narrow grip with elbows in. This will have the biggest carry over to push ups and overhead pressing, and is more likely the way you would push a load off of you in real life. It also doesn't put your pectoral muscles in extreme stretched positions that can lead to injuries like a wide grip with your elbows out does. Set your 1rm for the day, then rep out 65% for three sets of max reps. Remember that mid-line stabilization is still important in this lift. Take in a lot of air and hold it in order to maximize your intra-abdominal pressure , your stability, and strength. Exhale at the top to avoid getting dizzy!

For the metcon, it doesn't matter if you start with thrusters or pull ups. You will be doing max reps in :20, resting :10, switching movements and doing max reps of the second lift in :20, then :10 rest. Repeat that process 8 times for 8:00 of total work. Your score will be the lowest number of reps in any set of pull ups and thrusters, then add those two together. If your legs are fried from the last two days of WODs, still come in. We will make it an upper body dominant WOD for you by subbing push presses for thrusters. It will be less effective overall, but will give you a good workout while giving your legs a break.

Post your bench press 1rm, your reps at 65%, and your Tabata Fran scores to the comments section! bc


  1. Bench Press 65 1rm
    4 - 3 for metcon
    tabata @ 45lbs

  2. SWOD 265# BENCH MAX
    175# 37 REPS

    RX 95#


  3. WOD: 10 x 2 squats @ 65% = 180 lb
    5 x 5 benchpress @ 90% = 175 lb

    Metcon: Max Plo pushups + 100 yrd. sprint for 6 rounds @ 12:57
    15, 16, 13, 10, 7, 7

  4. Swod: Narrow grip bench press 70# 1RM, 45#x20, 45#x18, 45#x18
    Metcon: Tabata Mash Up
    -Push Presses (65#)
    -Pull Ups (jumping)

    Really, really sore today :(

  5. Good job this morning, guys. having 20+ people working through the WODs each morning can get a little hectic, but you guys were on the ball! bc

  6. swod: Bench press 1rm!
    44 reps in 3 sets @ 115
    metcon: "Fran" 8:50..7:00 may be a lofty goal but we WILL keep it rollin'!

  7. CFFB SWOD: 5x5 sqauts with .45 sec between sets. Did box squats with 225.

    Metcon: Tabata Mash Up
    -Thrusters (95#)
    -Ring Pull Ups
    5 + 3 = 8

    Great arm pump from ring pull ups. Legs are fried after doing box squats and then thrusters.

  8. Bench press 100lbs max 65lbs 15,10,6
    Thrusters 55lbs 4
    kipping pullup 3
    total was 7

    Cant wait to get the new bars in! Almost lost teeth at one time with all the movement going on!!!!!!!

  9. SWOD 305 1RM 200x15x7x7

  10. SWOD - 1rm = 100lb, 65lb - 15, 10, 7

    METCON RX -4 thrusters @65lbs , 5 jumping pull ups

  11. swod-max bench 105, 75# reps, 8,8,9
    metcon rx 65# 4+ pullups 6=10 jumping.

  12. swod-max bench 315, 225# reps, 9,5,6
    metcon rx 95# 6t + 4P = 10 jumping.

  13. SWOD - 205 1RM, 15,13,9 @ 135

    Metcon - 6pullups+5 Thrusters = 11 rx'd

  14. SWOD: 1 rep max @ 335#
    14reps, 7reps, 2 reps@ 215#

    METCON: FAILED !!! cramped up all over and did not complete

  15. BP 145# PR, Fran 3,5(Jump PU)

  16. BP 1 RM 115 lb. 20, 15, 11 @ 75 lb.

    Metcon- lowest rd 3 thrusters, 4 jumping pull up

  17. SWOD 1RM 155#
    25 Reps@105

    METCON 3 + 4 as RXd