Wednesday 9.08.10

Training your legs unilaterally is a great way to even out strength imbalances between legs and work the muscles that make you a faster sprinter, a higher jumper, and all around more athletic.

Weighted Step Ups max set of 8 reps (4 each leg)

Metcon: (Borrowed From Diablo CrossFit)
Every minute on the minute for 10:00:
-4 chin ups
-8 push ups
-12 walking lunges (alternating R/L, i.e. 6 per leg)

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, place a loaded barbell on your back and step up on box that is tall enough that when you place your foot on the box, the top of your thigh is at 90 degrees. Step up on the box so both feet are on the box then step back down. Try to keep your chest up right. Do not allow your torso to fall and do not let your lead knee fall inward. Keep adding weight to the bar until you can no longer complete the set with good form. MID-LINE STABILIZATION!!!!!

For the metcon, the goal is to achieve at least 10:00 getting all the exercises done within the 60 seconds time period. If you are successful for all 10:00, start adding one rep to each exercise (two for the lunges) for each additional minute.

For example, starting at minute 10:00, do 5 pull ups, 9 push ups, 14 lunges. At minute 11:00, 6 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 16 lunges. Minute 12:00, 7 pull ups, 11 push ups, and 18 lunges ,etc. Continue until you are unable to complete the designated number of reps in the 60 seconds allotted. If pull up space is limited the movements can be done out of order.

Post weights and rounds to the comments section! bc


  1. Look's like pullup space will not be limited for much longer..Yeah!

  2. SWOD: 85 lbs, tried 95 lbs but only did 2 steps because Kyle said my form sucked

    Metcon: 11 rounds (jumping chin ups)

  3. 125 lb. 8 rep max step up, MetCon 8 complete rounds, didn't quite finish 9th.

  4. 135 lb. step up, MetCon 14 complete rounds,

  5. 135 lb. 8 rep max step up, MetCon 14 complete rounds

  6. SWOD: 95 lbs 8 rep step up

    Metcon: 11 rounds. Started with regular pull-ups then transitioned to jumping pull-ups.

  7. SWOD: 75 lbs
    Metcon: 8 rounds w/ jumping chin ups

  8. SWOD 95# The knee is getting stronger each day
    WOD 12 rounds with jumping chin ups

  9. SWOD 85# w/ 15" box
    WOD 3 rounds with jumping chin ups... completed 7 rounds in the 10 minutes

  10. swod:105 felt clean
    metcon:14 rounds (first 10 rnds. were ring c/u's then to bar 4 rnds.)

  11. Football crossfit:
    Deadlift 5RM (New PR)295 lb x 5; 315 x 2 ( form was going to the dogs so just stopped:( )

    Never made it to METCON, ran out of time.

  12. weighted stepups 85#
    10 min\ rds 4 chinups
    8 push ups
    12 walking lunges
    7 total rounds in 10 min

  13. weighted stepups 85#
    11 rounds 4 chinups
    8 pushups
    12 walking lunges

  14. weighted stepups: 135 lbs
    12 rounds

  15. SWOD: Weighted step ups -- 55# -- started to lose form at 65#s
    Metcon: 9 rounds (jumping chin ups and mixture of regular push ups and knee push ups to maintain full ROM)

  16. weighted step ups: 95lbs
    metcon: 10rds