Wednesday 10.06.10

Dani....simply being Awesome!

SWOD: Explosive pull ups.

Accumulate 25 explosive pull ups. If you can, pull ups from the lower bar and explode up and grab the higher bar. Or mess around with clapping pull ups, or hand switch pull ups. If you are still on bands, practice pulling as explosively as possible, and still accumulate 25 reps.

Metcon: 12:00 of:
- sprint 40 yards
- walk back to the start

Your score is the number of All Out Effort sprints you can get done in the 12:00 time limit.


  1. SWOD: worked on kipping pull-ups

    Metcon: 23 sprints

  2. What the heck is an explosive pullup? I can't imagine them.

  3. SWOD: Jumping Pull Ups X 25

    Metcon: 15 rounds of 40M Sprint in 12:00

  4. clapping pullups, tier jumps

    15 rounds of 40m sprints.

  5. shoulder press 125 lbs x5

    15 rounds 40m sprint

  6. SWOD: EXTREME jumping pull ups!!! ...(still can't get chin over bar :P)
    MetCon: 12 minute sprints: 17
    goal: 19, chin over bar

  7. Craig, I see room for improvement in that picture. My back should be more upright. I give you permission to use this as a "what not to do picture". :).

  8. swod: explosive pullups x25
    metcon: 12 mins: 40m sprints, walkback 40m
    21 rounds

  9. swod:chest to bar kipping/ tier jump's x25

    metcon: tabata twice on rower..feel like a King when I get off that thing.

  10. Swod:explosive pullups/chest to bar/tier jumps x25

    Wod: 40 yard sprint x20

  11. Exploding pullup practice

    Metcon 23 laps