Thursday 10.21.10

The picture pretty much sums it up


2x400m sprint (rest the time it takes you to run the first sprint)

Clean & Jerk Technique - PVC

Metcon: 5 rounds for time of:

- 10 KB Swings (44/ 35)

- 10 Burpees

- 15 Ab Mat Sit ups

We have "Grace" right around the corner. So take advantage of the the PVC's light weight. For the clean, really focus on keeping good posture, tight core, pulling your knees out, driving with your elbows up. Also, because you will not have a load going over head, commit to the drop after you hit the dip-drive for the jerk. Make sure that your on the ball of your back foot and your knee is bent a few inches off the ground. Your front foot should be pointed just slightly in and your front knee bent at a 90 degree angle. When you recover bring your front foot backward 6-8", then your back foot forward even with the front foot. There are a few more fine details that we will go over together.


  1. SWOD 1:45 2:05
    WOD: 15:51 35 lb kb

  2. SWOD: 1:43/1:52
    Metcon: 11:13 as rx'd

    My burpees were pretty lame. I believe they may have been floppies.

  3. SWOD: 1:30/1:30
    Metcon: 9:54 rx'd

  4. SWOD: 1:30/1:35
    Metcon: 18:08 as rx'd

  5. A recovery WOD today, 3 sets of:
    - 400 m run
    - Overhead Squats (45#) x 10
    - Chin Ups x 10
    - Handstand Push Ups x 10
    - GHD Sit Ups x 10
    - GHD Back Extensions x 10

  6. I did the same recovery WOD as Craig, except I did GHD hip extensions.

  7. SWOD 1:21 1ST LAP 1:34 2ND LAP
    METCON 10:54 RXD

  8. SWOD: first lap: 1:21 second lap: 1:29

    Metcon: 9:42 @ 44lb kb

  9. 1st run 1:55 2nd run 1:50
    Metcon 13:43 with 35lbs KB

    I think my time might be messed up because there is no way I got faster at the second lap? I did just want to get it over with so it might be right?

  10. SWOD 1:11 1ST LAP 1:25 2ND LAP
    METCON 8:22 RXD

  11. swod: row instead of run. 2/500 m. 1:56/1:47
    metcon: rx'd 9:56

  12. SWOD: Bench press one rep 115lbs
    Metcon: KB swings, 20 air squats, sit ups

  13. SWOD: 1:13/ 1:27

    MetCon: 10:44 rx'd