Friday 10.22.10

Great shot Mennen!

SWOD: Max Distance Med Ball Toss (30lb/ 14lb)

Metcon: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

- 6 Strict Pull Ups

- 12 Box Jumps (28”/ 24”)

- 18 Double Unders

For the SWOD you will have 3 attempts to throw the med ball as far as you can. Where the ball stops is the distance we will measure. Try different ways to throw the ball to see what works best.


  1. SWOD: 40'2" max medicineball throw, backwards

    METCON: as many rounds in 10 minutes of:
    6-pull ups (jumping)
    12- box jumps -24"
    18 double unders
    =3 rounds + 10 box jumps

  2. SWOD: Max throw of 58'4" with 30 lbs ball.

    Metcon: 5 rounds + 1 pull up as rx'd.

    Sorry to the morning crew who tried the 28" box, because it actually measured 27". For those coming in later, a 28" box is a 24" box with a 10 lbs bumper plate AND a 45 lbs bumper plate on top of it. Have fun!

  3. SWOD: Max distance 14# med ball toss 45'8"
    Metcon: 4 rounds w/ kipping pull ups

  4. SWOD: Max throw of 50'6" with 30 lbs ball.

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 5 Box Jumps

    my double unders were practically non existent today.

  5. SWOD: 35'10" 30# ball
    Metcon: 3+9 Box jumps, using banded chin-ups and singles

  6. SWOD: 45' 6" throw w/ 30# balll

    MetCon: 5 rnds, 6 box jumbs rx'd

  7. pushed the prowler around with Ryan and we got our egos put in check! 230 lbs of plate and 65 lbs of prowler. plus throw in some ghd sit ups and sledge hammer work.

  8. swod: 31' w/30lb. ball
    metcon: modified w/6 pullups, 12 air squats w/26 lb.KB, 18 one arm KB swings @1 poop(35 lbs.)9 each arm 6 rnds. in 10:0 Trying to stay positive through this foot tendon issue, but some days just want to !@#$%^% $#$@#$!!!

  9. SWOD 25'6"
    METC: 4 RDs + Pu's and Box J's

  10. Home WOD

    SWOD: worked on double unders luck
    400m warmup run
    10 SotsPress each arm 30#KB
    20 steps walking lunges holding 30#KB to chest
    5 rounds 9:58

    400m cool down run