Tuesday 10.12.10

Holly trying to hang on to the tucked front lever

SWOD: Ring training: 3-5 sets x (dips, muscle ups, skin the cats, false grips, pull-ups, etc) + Bench Press Warm Up

Metcon: For Time:
Run 1 mile, then complete a single set of bench press at body weight 21 reps
(Challenge: can you complete it all within 10 minutes?)

If you can't do body weight, simply find a weight in your warm up period you will be able to work with.  It is ok to put the weight down and rest.

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. SWOD- Various ring exercises + Bench Press Warm up

    Metcon: 9:02 total @ 85lbs for Bench Press. 6:48 mile

  2. 9 min mile 10:50 total with 21 bench press @60 lbs. Craig said to try 85 lbs next time

  3. SWOD: ring hangs

    WOD:1 mile 8:35 60# bench press finish at 10:30

    after double unders and handstand pushups, sand bag clean and jerk

  4. SWOD: 10:00 W/65# bench press

  5. SWOD: Muscle Up practice...had to get technique back, there may be muscle ups in the workout tomorrow!

    Metcon: 11:06 w/ 235#. Wow, i destroyed Kenny and Steffanie on the run, then they destroyed me on the bench press. Thanks Kenny and Kyle for running to pick the bar off my chest when i cried, "Help!"

  6. SWOD: Push ups on rings 3x5
    Metcon: 12:24 @ 60lbs (8:12 mile)

    I only shaved 6 seconds off my mile, and I was seriously trying to get 8:00! I sure do need to start running more.

  7. SWOD: ring dips

    Metcon: 8:23 @ 75lbs

  8. 3 chain muscleups :( down from 5, 7 is quarter goal

    metcon 6:00 mile, 195 bench, not sure of end time.

  9. Metcon 8:23 mile total time 15:12 @ 215 lbs

    Swod: almost got a muscle up, just have to get the technique down

  10. SWOD: muscle up,ring dip/pullup practice

    METCON: 8:31 mile/bench press@ 255# not sure of finish time

  11. SWOD: Practice Muscle Ups unsuccessfully.
    An upside down flip over maneuver(I wonder
    if Kyle took out a life ins policy on me?)
    3x6 Hanging L pullups
    METCON: 6:21 mile
    14:15 total 135#s

  12. swod: ring dips 3x3 false grip ring pullups 2x5 jumping M/U practice, yikes.. need lots of practice:/
    Metcon: 1600 m. row w/145 lb. bench press x21 14:30

  13. SWOD: Ring pullups practice
    Metcon: 10:29 mile PR, 75# bench press 13:18

  14. SWOD: Ring Dips 3x10, Muscle up practice
    Metcon: 7:15mile 10:18 @ 165

  15. SWOD: Muscle-up practice...Got my first two ever!

    Metcon: 7:24 miles, 14:58 rx'd (180lbs)

  16. SWOD: Ring Dip practice
    Metcon: 9:02 mile; 11:57 @ 70#s