Monday 10.11.10

SWOD: While hanging from a bar, SLOWLY bring your knees to your elbows as you lean back. Continue leaning back as your knees continue between your arms and your hips are above your head (a tucked front lever) and then return slowly to the hang position

Repeat for 20 repetitions, NOT FOR TIME.

Metcon: 21-18-15:
-Kettlebell Swings
-Double Unders

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As I was completing "The Seven" workout on Saturday, I realized that one of the seven exercises we performed proved to be most challenging and revealed a deficiency...The Burpee, the most awesome bodyweight movement EVER! I'm sure some of you felt the same way, so I figured why not start the week working on it.

On 10.05.10 CrossFit OneWorld owner Freddy Camacho wrote a recent post stating: "The proper burpee is performed by going down into a squat, out to a tight planked position, a full range of motion push up, into a squat flat on your feet, and finishing with a jump that is 6" off the ground.

"Ohhhh CrossFit! Whatever happened to the beloved burpee??? Ever since the 2008 CrossFit Games the movement has gone to *expletive* at CrossFit gyms across the world. What is that slop that I see in so many videos??? Touching your thighs to the ground and then snaking out of the bottom of the push-up position??? Popping out of the push up plank into a squat position on your toes with your feet almost touching????Barely jumping into the air with some lame clap over your head??? At One World, we call this movement a "Floppy." (see his post on his gym website for more).

At the CrossFit Football certification I attended, Rafael Ruiz (of 1441 Strength and Conditioning) discussed the athleticism needed to drop into a squat, then extend the hips fully as you kick out to a plank, then returning to a a squat position. A proper burpee may not be as fast as a "floppy", but speed does not always equal being fit. Sometimes slowing a movement down and performing the exercise properly will provide more intensity and functionality then speed ever could.

So point of this rant is Burpees today, not "Floppies".


  1. Metcon: 18:33 44# KB, 4xsingles

  2. Metcon: 17:02 @35lb

    First day back from vacation and I was pumped, sure did miss The Compound!

  3. metcon: 9:56. used 60# KB and burpees jumped 6+" to touch top bar on pullup structure.

  4. SWOD: As rx'd but the reps got pretty sloppy by the last 5 or so.

    Metcon: 12:36 with 62 lbs KB, burpees jumping to a target 6" above my max reach, and double unders.

    Wow, that was my first true metcon in over 6 weeks since I did a 5-week olympic lifting specialization program and 1 week of vacation. It's always nice to come back to burpees.

  5. Metcon: 22:24 @53lb ... WOW!

  6. Metcon: 15:42 w/35# KB; 3 singles: 1 double under attempt--made about half of double unders...first time doing DUs in a WOD!

  7. Metcon 21:15 w/35# 21 du and mixed.

  8. Metcon: 10:17 with 44 lb kb

  9. Metcon 15:12 with 26lbs and single jumps!

    I did a couple of Double unders after the workout and will not have any excuse next time we do them!

  10. METCON: 16:36 w/ 62#KB took forever doing "single" double unders

  11. Metcon: 10:58 w/35# kb
    My DU's suck too...can't figure out how to lose my extra bunny hop between each DU?? Although, I did practice after the wod and somehow managed to do 2 in a row for the first time ever!!

    Oh, and I'm so guilty of flopees so I know Craig was thinking about me when he posted the wod! Sometimes I just need to take a little rest with bucking furpees! ;)

  12. Metcon: 18:05 w/44lbs KB + singles(84,72,60)

    Never have been able to do DU's, but after the WOD I was able to do a few. Finally!!! The Compound's the best!!!!

  13. Metcon: 12:45 at 35lb KB. Tough work-out.

    Worked on doing correct burpees.

  14. MetCon: 19:24 @28lb KB
    goal: under 18

  15. SWOD: 20 reps

    Metcon: 8:40, 62lb kb


    FSC Training: 95lb strict press, 3 reps, on the minute for 10 minutes. Sandbag runs + double unders. Runs + box jumps + burpee tire flips. Mobility WOD: 10 minutes of squat holds.

    Going to bed...

  16. metcon: 10:40 rx'd (35# KB)
    I'm with Brad - great "welcome back from vacation" WOD!