Sunday 10.10.10

There is a site for women who train strength and conditioning the way we do at The Compound called RX Girls: Miami. So as I perused it (the words "Girls" and "Miami" catching my interest.....because of the articles), I began to notice many topics discussed there that I hear come up in our gym as well. Topics such as strength training, nutrition, jeans fitting, etc. Here are a few examples, you can click on the title to follow to the full articles:

Hand Care

So it has taken a bit of experimenting, but after reading tons of articles and testing different things out, my husband and I have found a really good way to take care of our hands so that they tear as little as possible. There are a couple things that might make your hands more likely to tear: 1) The skin is real soft and delicate, or 2) You have too many thick calluses built up. Either way, taking care of it daily should help you to get through WODs with pull ups and still keep your hands looking nice and smooth...

Strength Training for Women

Even with all the arguments out there about how great strength training… and I mean REAL strength training is for women, you still hear the same things about women not wanting to “get big”, being afraid to lift heavy weight, and feeling like programs like CrossFit just aren’t for them. People like my mom for example, insist on working on machines and avoiding doing things like deadlifts and weighted squats because they are afraid to get hurt, when really they can avoid getting hurt by getting stronger! Yes CrossFit is appealing to very athletic types, but it works for everyone...

Mayo-less chicken salad

I have an awesome recipe for easy mayo-less chicken salad that I recently discovered. You can eat it alone or in a wrap; I prefer lettuce wraps.


  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Tomato, diced
  • 2 Grilled Chicken Breasts
  • Salt, pepper, cilantro, & lime to taste
  • Sliced almonds...

So if any of these things interest you, spend some time on that site. You may find things in there and find you share a lot in common with other people training hard the way you do. cc


  1. One word...Chalk.Doing any type of pullup with sweaty hands will tear them apart.Grind the chalk into your tender areas prior to exercise. If this the only time in your day that you stress your hands, then maybe some gardening without gloves in an effort to dry out your plams. If you have delveloped some calluses then consider using an emory board to smooth them out. Also Major League baseball pitchers have to remain tear free and may be a resource of info that would help us. Bottom line..pullups are our friend and it starts at the palms of our hands. Happy Kipping to all!

  2. I read some of those articles and it sounds like an awesome place for women. Hopefully one day VVN's women can develop into a similar welcoming, encouraging environment for new (and old) women......

  3. I also use emery board in secret. Always putting it back where I took it from. Like I was never there...