Tuesday 10.26.10

Steffanie getting ready for another rep during Amazing Grace on Saturday.  While this was a jerk, the set up you see here is the same for the push press.  The bar is high on her shoulders, elbows are forward of the bar, her grip is outside of her shoulders, and her posture is upright with a neutral lumbar curve and stable mid-line.

 Push Press 1rm.  After that, drop down to 65% of your max for the day and do one set of  as many reps as possible until failure.
3 Rounds for time of:
- 15 Hang Power Cleans (135/85)
- 15 Burpees with a forward jump over the bar

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, work up to a heavy single.  This might be a PR or it might just be the best you can do today.  Either way, after you hit your heaviest single drop the weight to 65% of the highest rep and do one set for maximum reps.  No jerks here, all reps must be push pressed (dip and drive, no re-bend of the knees).  Your score will be your heaviest single weight, and the number of reps completed at 65%.

For the metcon, select your weight for the hang power cleans, which should be a weight you can hold onto for at least 5 reps without putting the barbell down.  Do 15 hang power cleans, and then set the bar down in front of you.  From there, drop into a full six-count burpee.  When you come back up, instead of the normal jump you will jump forward over the barbell and then immediately turn and face your barbell again.  That is one rep.  Complete 15 reps.  Repeat for 3 rounds as quickly as possible.

Post weights, reps, and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. Dangit! my alarm didn't go off. I was pumped to make 2 days I'm a row! Life sucks!

  2. SWOD: 165 pp. little low today. So I did 65% of my old pr @185. did 17 reps with 120 lbs.

    Metcon: 13:07 as RX (135)

  3. Not only is Steff's form good but you left out that she did the entire "Amazing Grace" with a smile on her face just like in the photo! i love it!

  4. Hey Kelly, there's always the evening classes!

    SWOD: 255 x 1 (fail @ 265)
    165 x 15

    Metcon: 6:13

  5. SWOD: 170# Failed at 175# (I'm such a failure!)
    115# @ 21

    METCON: 16:46 RX

    Craig, I think you forgot a 1 in front of your time

  6. SWOD: 150# 15 reps at 95#
    Metcon: 15:43 @ 65#

  7. SWOD: Push press up to 255x1, then 19 at 165. That hurt.

    Metcon: Ran out of time today. At least we have soccer tonight. Go Compound!

  8. SWOD: 115lb max, 12 reps at 75lb

    Metcon: 7:28 @ 75lb

  9. SWOD: 235# 1rm / 155# for 11 reps

    METCON: 11:57 RX'D @ 135#

  10. SWOD: 80lbs max-25@65lbs
    Metcon: 17:31 @75lbs
    ...i suck

  11. SWOD: 75 1RM, 12@65
    METCON: 14:36 @75#

  12. SWOD: 105 1RM, 16@75#
    METCON: 14:36 @65#

  13. SWOD:Push Press 1rm:105!!!
    METCON:9:42 @75lb hang cleans subbed 30 abmat situps every round for burpees. Still cant get in plank and push ups cuz pec still rehabbin.

  14. oh ya and 12 reps at 70lbs max reps push press-EE

  15. Push press 90lbs 1 rep
    push press at 55lbs 20 times

    11;05 at 55lbs!

    Thanks for the distractation Ryan!!!!

  16. Push press: 95x1, wanted to hit 105 for a new pr but I failed 3 times!
    Metcon: 14:17 rx'd

    Not feeling it today or yesterday...I think I'm still sore from Saturday so smiling during Grace really didn't help! But thanks for the shout out Erica :)

  17. SWOD 245 1RM (PR)!!! 160X12
    METCON 10:26 RXD

  18. Oops, forgot to include 15 reps @ 65# max reps push press @ 65%

  19. SWOD : 135# 1rm
    Metcon: 10:05@105#s

  20. SWOD 175
    Metcon: 6:03 with lots of floppies

  21. oops forgot to add 19 reps of push press at 115

  22. swod: 1rm push press 150(pr) 20 reps.@ 105
    metcon; 10:05 @ 110

  23. SWOD: Push press 110# 1rm (PR!!)/30 @ 65#
    Metcon: 16:35 @ 75# (last 10@70#)I HATE burpees!!!!!

  24. SWOD: Push press 85# 1rm; 21 @ 55#
    Metcon: 9:54@ 55#--should have gone heavier...

  25. Craig--I get home from work too late for the evening classes..... :(

    Or else I would be there!

  26. Swod: 90x1/60x14
    Metcon: 1st rnd #55,2nd,3rd rnd #65 11:20

  27. swod= 185 120x15
    metcom= 8:48

  28. SWOD: 185 1RM (PR) 125x13
    Metcon: 8:00 Rx'd

  29. SWOD: 95lbs 1rm pushpress
    65lbs x10
    Metcon: 19:40 rx'd weight, but only 10 burpees each round. First time to jump since I broke my foot. It felt great!!!