Friday 11.12.10

Matt M. hitting a close grip bench press at the strength challenge on 11/6

WOD: CrossFit Total

Take 3 attempts at a 1RM in the following lifts:

-Back Squat
-Shoulder Press
-Dead Lift

Once you get to the gym, make sure you get a good sweat going before you start the lifts. Also, start light and work your way up going through the motion of each technique. Remember, stay back on those heels, tight core, active shoulders, and pull your knees out. You can go through as many warm up sets as you need. Now, that you have warmed up you will have 3 chances to reach a new PR for each lift. The lifts must be completed in the order from top to bottom. Before you get into the gym know what you previous PR is for each lift so you can get right to warming up.

After your warm up, start with a heavy weight that you know you can lift, around 80-85% of your max. For the second rep, try for a new PR or just under your old one. Make sure that you do not go to much higher than you previous PR. If you succeed then add a few more pounds and go for a 3rd and final rep. If you do not get that 2nd weight then drop the weight, higher than your first rep, and get after it! Take the highest weight accomplished and score that for the lift.

Take the max of all three of your lifts and add them up.  This will be your CrossFit Total. Make sure that you record your weight for each lift and your score, because we will take 6 weeks to improve our strength in those lifts, and total again at the end of the year.


  1. im trying to register for the 6-7am class but it isnt allowing me to.

  2. I was not able to make it today.
    Did the Crossfit total on Wed.

    WOD: CrossFit Total
    back Squat: 255lb.
    shoulder press: 145lb.
    deadlift: 315lb.

    New PR on back Squat and shoulder Press
    Down 20lb. on deadlift......oh pickles...will beat it next time and it will be "legit".

  3. We kicked you out, Matt. Forgot to tell you:)

    Back Squat: 365
    Press: 185
    Dedlift: 455

    Total: 1005. 150 lbs less than last time! Stupid diet.

  4. Back squat: 365
    Press: 145
    deadlift: 335

    Total = 845

  5. Back Squat: 145
    Shoulder Press: 55
    Deadlift: 205

    Not very awesome down on all lifts. So glad we are focusing on stregnth the next couple of months. AND I finally put a goal on the board.

  6. Probably because of my crappy performance today Brad..thats ok I understand

    BS - 365
    SP - 205
    DL - 455...55#s under my max, im a little upset about that

    total= 1025

  7. Back squat #295
    Shoulder press #145
    Deadlift #365

    Total #805
    All PR's
    Sorry to scare you today, Craig with my funky squats!

  8. That was the best Squat attempt ever Thom! Wish I had it on video.

    Paleo has been working for me:

    Back Squat- 315-405-440 (PR)
    Shoulder Press- 205-215(fail)-207
    Deadlift- 405-495-530 (PR)

    Total: 1177# (+22# from last time)

    BACK SQUAT 185lb
    DEADLIFT 215lb

  10. BS...315 pr
    SP...155 pr
    DL...405 (415 f)

  11. That's a lot of BS Kenny :)
    Back Squat: 165 (20 pounds under my max. This was after almost decapitating myself with the bar)
    Shoulder Press: 65
    Deadlift: 180

    Not a good day today. Started off with a bad back squat. Lots of work to do!

  12. Back Squat: 295 (pr)
    Shoulder Press: 140 (5# down from pr)
    Deadlift: 325 (Sumo pr) fail at 335
    Crossfit total: 760 (gain of 60 lbs, quarter goal met)

  13. BS 225(pr)
    SP 110 (5 less than last but I didn't cheat this time)
    DL 265(pr)
    = 600
    Did Thursday WOD 14:03

  14. Back Squat = 310
    Shoulder Press = 165
    Deadlift = 365
    Total = 840

    I channeled Klye today by using his weight belt! I know it got me at least 10 pounds more on every lift!

  15. Back Squat = 135
    Shoulder Press = 70
    Deadlift = 210
    Total = 415
    PRs all around--it was a good day!

    Craig, sorry you had to endure girl-time today; that's what happens when just 2 chicks show up for a class. :)

  16. Back Squat - 275
    Press - 135
    Deadlift - 315
    Total - 725

  17. BACK SQUAT =340
    DEAD LIFT = 365
    TOTAL= 900

  18. BS:225
    Press: 120
    DL: 285
    Total: 630

  19. BS: 340
    SP: 210
    DL: 365 Sumo
    = 915 up 50 lbs since last total.

  20. BS 135lbs
    SP 70lbs
    DL 115lbs
    Total 320
    All new PR for me!

  21. BS 280 (PR)
    SP 150 (PR)
    DL 345 Failed @ 370. Made the mistake of going sumo with an overhand grip...hands couldnt stay wrapped around the bar.

    775 Total

  22. BS 155
    SP 65
    DL 235
    Total 455

    Maintained my back squat.
    Shoulder press went down 5 from last 1 rm
    Dead lift went down 15 from last 1 rm.
    That's ok though, Brad said I had to decide which was more important to me, losing weight or gaining strength. I've lost around 25lbs since the last total.

  23. BS 155 (pr)
    SP 75 (pr)
    DL 225 (pr)
    Total: 455

  24. BS: 155lbs
    SP: 85lbs (pr)
    DL: 200lbs (pr)
    Total: 440