Thursday 11.25.10

We have come a long way this past year.  This was all the space we started with in February.  I am definitely thankful to all the members of The Compound for all the hard work you do to make the gym as great as it is!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Metcon: "Thank WOD it's Turkey Day"
( this will be a partner workout)

-1 mile partner run
 Then 3 rounds for time of:
-200 meter sand bag/ heavy bag carry: pass off bag to partner at 200 meter mark
-Tire sledge drives 10 each arm, partner does abmat sit ups til partner done then they switch
-Turkish get ups 10 each. arm, partner does knees to elbows/toes to bar until partner done then they switch
-40yrd (90lb)Sled pulls 2x then switch

Post your partner and time to complete.

****A reminder, this workout will only be taking place at the 9 and 10 am hours and not throughout the day.


  1. HPSU Day 10

    Did yesterday's workout this morning, so I posted it on yesterday's blog

  2. Well, the 10K Turkey Trot turned into an 11.59K (7.2 mi) run due to some error placing the mile markers....go figure.

    Anyway my 7.2 mi time was 1:15, the same as my last 10K, so I guess that means improvement!

    Happy Turkey Day....I will do my HSPU's later

  3. Nice work, Kelly!

    I had to miss the T-Day WOD, but I wanted to do something to get the blood flowing, not feel like a lazy-@$$, and could do while watching football. So I did...

    HSPU Day #10

    10 Rounds of:
    - 100 turns of the jump rope (not double unders)
    - :20 static hold in the hollow position

    I didn't do this with any kind of intensity. Mostly just between plays. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  4. awesome wod this morning..#'s on the board but I do remember my partner is awesome. Great job Mellisa she learned and mastered TGU's in a day, dragged around the men's weight sled and beat the snot out of tire!!! not mention a 2000m. row to start thing's up...YIKES!

  5. I was in the same boat as brad - family was napping so I went across the street to "our" park and did pull ups, kb swings, sled drags and sled pulls, wrapped it up with a jog

    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

  6. 1 mile partner run: 9:24 (start/stop at the door)
    Crazy Turkey Day Parter WOD: 55:50

    Glad that is over!

    Thanks Erica for putting a killer WOD together and cheering us on!

  7. 1 Mile partner run w/ Brooke (7:30)

    WOD: 52:20 (Are you kidding me???)

    Had a blast this morning with a great partner. Won't be disappointed if I don't see TGU's for a long time.

    No HSPU's today. 21 tomorrow!

  8. i had so much fun cheering everyone on during the Turkey Day WOD..wish i could've done it with ya'all. I think everyone did a phenominal job on a very taxing WOD. Way to cheer your partners on and push yourselves through the grewling turkish get ups and knees to elbow portion..that was the mental challenge of the day. i so love my job!!! Happy Day after Thanksgiving-EE