Tuesday 11.16.10

 The "Hollow" position is a position involving the entire body.  The term "hollow" refers to the back.  Note how the lower back is pressed into the floor resulting in a rounded position.  Mastery of the hollow position will help you in many of the gymnastics movements we train, including all forms of handstands, handstand push ups, and holds.

Hollow Rock review.  Then we will do one set of maximum time hollow rocking.  The challenge is 3:00 with good form.

10 x 100 yard sprints with 1:00 rest.  The sprints will be done as 50 yards out and 50 yards back.

Finding the Hollow

Sometimes just finding the hollow body can be a difficult task for some people. Once learned, the hollow body is relatively simple to get into but it can be a challenge to an athlete who has never tried it before.  Here is a way to find the hollow:

The part of the hollow that people have trouble with is the pelvic tilt. The pelvis has a small range of motion and we do not generally think about pelvis movement like we do arm and leg movement for example. Thus, it can be quite tricky for some to concentrate on holding the pelvis in a particular position.

If you will just relax and lay down flat on the floor with the arms extended above the the head, you will see that the body naturally forms an arch in the lower back. While laying on your back, take one arm and try to place it under your lower back. Notice that your hand can go right under your back as if going through a tunnel. The key aspect of the hollow body is to press the lower back to the floor so that little "tunnel" goes away. In order to do this you must be able to tilt the pelvis.

One way to get to the hollow is to start on your back with arms extended above the head. You can then lift the arms and shoulders off the ground slightly as if in an attempt to do a "crunch". (Yes, you are going to have to squeeze those abs!) Continue to lift the shoulders and arms together until you begin to feel the lower back start pressing the floor. At the same time, begin lifting the legs off the ground slightly. You should not have to lift the legs so that the heels are much more than 12 inches off the ground. Keep the legs tight together and point the toes. When you reach the hollow position (like above) you should feel the lower back pressing the floor. Have someone try to fit their hand under your back. They should not be able to. You should be squeezing your abdominals, thighs, and glutes very hard.

Congratulations! You have found the hollow!  bc


  1. SWOD: worked on hollow rocks

    Metcon: Fastest: 14:90; Slowest: 16:97

  2. SWOD: Back Squat. Its been a while and I felt it.
    90% was 185 for 1RM
    165 for 3x3
    30 HSPU
    40 Jump Squats
    50 Sit-ups
    60 Squats (Air)
    70 Double unders
    time: 14:19

  3. SWOD:dont know how to measure this
    goal: dont nneed to curse :)
    MetCon: sprinyts
    goal:same :)

  4. SWOD: Hollow Rocks--maybe a total of a 45 sec in extended form; another minute cumulative with knees to chest

    Metcon: 100m sprint -

  5. swod: hollow rocks when done correctly.....HURT!
    metcon: 10x 150 m. sprint rows> w/ minute rest between sprints.. :29 - :37

  6. 10 x 100m sprints. 17 sec - 21 sec. Note to self-no running WODS on game days for soccer!

  7. SWOD: hollow rocks

    WOD: 10x150m row with 1 min rest in between. I didn't keep track of my best and worse time. oops. Last 5 rows were 0.38 sec